Case Study: Increase In Conversion Rate For A Dental Practice By Using A Dedicated Landing Page






Online marketing campaigns for dental practices, especially for implantology, are a big challenge when targeting Bucharest. The competition is aggressive and the costs are high (the CPC for keywords can be 2-2.5x higher than those in the niche of online pharmacies).


What we wanted from our online marketing campaigns was to double the number of potential customers and lower the costs of generating prospects without increasing the monthly average budget (in this case Google Ads).


  • Focusing our online marketing campaigns to promote a niche: implantology.
  • Campaigns: Google Ads Search and Remarketing Google Ads
  • Creating a dedicated landing page for implantology

Items targeted in the DentalAria landing page:

  • Visible contact form in the first-page scroll
    There are several reasons to use a contact form but here are some of the most important advantages: people can reach out to you, it ads professionalism to your website (you should place it where it is visible to everyone), protects your website from spam, keeps your contacts organised, you can track visitors (and set conversion goals to the forms).\
  • Suggestive headline
    It is important to use a headline to grab your visitors’ attention but also to guide them to take the desired action on your landing page (the original page had just a banner with no headline).
  • CTA in the first-page scroll
    We all know how important are call to actions but most of us probably forget about the importance of CTA’s placements. Placing your CTA in the first-page scroll is an effective way to increase conversion rate.
  • Benefits section
    We created a “benefit section” for DentalAria in order to highlight the benefits of implants. Some of your visitors might not know all the benefits of your product or service therefore it is important to mention them on your website/ landing page and make them visible. This is one of your most important selling points. Why should they trust you and your product or service, which are the benefits?
  • The text was adapted to the level of knowledge of the audience (give up the use of medical terms and highlight the the advantages of implants)
  • Testimonials (social proof)
    Let’s face it, we all look for testimonials of reviews before we buy a product or pay for a service. We want to know if the company is trustworthy and if it has satisfied customers. That is why we added social proof to the landing page of DentalAria.
  • Highlighting the price offer and creating a sense of urgency (limited places, limited offer)
  • Use of photo and video content
    It is not enough to write content on your website; you should also add images and videos because you capture your visitors’ attention. You can quickly deliver your message and make users spend more time on your website.
  • Use of before / after images
    As we all look for reviews and testimonials online, we also want to see pictures of before and after. We want to see for ourselves the results before we can make a buying decision.
  • Give up on the use of the phone number on the page (to encourage people to fill in the form)
  • Give up on the use of the menu to encourage users to go through the LP and to orient the users towards the desired action (filling in the form).


The conversion rate increased by 225,9% and the cost per conversion decreased by 2.5%.

Screenshot from the Google Ads campaign without dedicated landing page: average conversion rate of 1.04%.

Screenshot from the Google Ads campaign with the new landing page, created by Today’s Agency: average conversion rate of 3.39%.

Here are the two landing pages used: the old and the new:

Do not make assumptions about your

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