How We Generated 156 Google Ads Conversions For Playzone Concept With a CPA < €20 in Just 12 Months





About Playzone Concept

Playzone Concept offers integrated turnkey indoor and outdoor playground solutions and professional equipment and has done for over ten years. Their solutions are for kindergartens, schools, malls, residential complexes, and public or private parks.

The Requirement: To Increase Sales Using Google Ads

When we start a new collaboration with a client we send him a document with different questions, which he will have to fill in.

The company approached Today’s Agency, with the desire to increase product sales through the use of Google Ads campaigns.

The Challenge: High Competition, Low Budget

The company had a small team and a small marketing budget, but the market competition was fierce. What did we do? We rose to the challenge!

Our Approach: Always Starts With In-Depth Client Research

As always happens when we start a new collaboration with a client, we got Playzone Concept to fill out a questionnaire. Then we debriefed the document, which is important as it allows us to create an effective strategy.


Before engaging with creative setup, we researched their competitors to see what they were writing in their ads and what they were saying on their website. Also researched were the services they provided and what we could do better than them.

This process highlighted the fact that among Playzone Concept’s USPs were the attention they paid to the smallest details, the high quality of the products and the impeccable finishes offered. Customers choose them for the top-quality of materials used in their installations.

Our Solution: Google Search, Display Remarketing & DSA Campaigns

We understood our clients’ needs and so we started running Google search campaigns, Google Display remarketing and DSA campaigns.

We chose search campaigns because our target was business owners who are already searching for companies that arrange playgrounds.

Google Campaigns Performance  2019 – 2020

Results in the first month on Google Ads

Results after 3 months of Google Ads campaign

Our Results: Doubled Traffic & 100% Conversion Rate Increase

As we expected, the most successful campaigns were the Google Search Campaigns, with conversions coming mostly from desktop, rather  than mobile. It seems that people prefer searching online on their computers before they decide to purchase this kind of product.


After just three months of running our Google Ads campaigns, we managed to double the traffic and raise the conversion rate by 100%. We managed to achieve these results due to our regular optimisations and audits. In just one year, we generated through google ads 156 conversions with a CPA of <20 euros.

Challenges Overcome: Competitor Pushback

Even though Playzone Concept is a small player on the market with a small team, the competition felt the pressure we applied. We know this because we received emails from competitors asking us to stop Adwords competitor-targeting even though it’s legal and allowed by Google.

 We did pause the competitor targeting even though they did not. Honestly though, we felt good that competition was threatened by our Google campaigns.

Excluding Unwanted Business

As we knew exactly what our target was – the higher-end, commercial market, we wanted to exclude people looking for playground equipment for their garden or home. 

How did we do that? Through optimisation. The moment we enable an account that has new campaigns, we optimize it daily for the first two weeks. After the campaigns stabilize and we gather some data, we then optimize each account weekly.

Another Long-Term Client Relationship is Formed

There was a great deal of collaboration with Playzone Concept at the outset and after the first two weeks of our campaigns, we had a meeting with the marketing manager to look at results and receive feedback. 


Feedback is very important for us and we always are happy to receive it. After the two weeks call, we have regular meetings with all clients but we also are open to changing our established calls to when our clients are available.


Flexibility, combined with excellent results – even when the budget is small – demonstrates why Today’s Agency should be the first number you call. We now have a long-standing relationship with Playzone Concept and are continuing to support their success online. 

If you want to enjoy meaningful results like these, contact us now and find out how Today’s Agency can help you reach your goals.

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