Case Study: How Today’s Agency Grew Leading Bucharest Law Firm by 54% Using Google Ads



About the Independent Law Firm

The experienced, independent Bucharers’ lawyers office provides legal services at the highest level for more than ten years. It has several lawyers, offering a wide range of legal services.

The Requirement: To Build a Solid Online Presence

A leading Bucharest law firm approached Today’s Agency to help with Google Ads and build a solid online presence.

Our Solution: Multiple Active Google Ads Campaigns

We began our approach by conducting a thorough consultation with our clients to determine the services/products they wanted us to focus on. We also researched their market in-depth, uncovering their strengths and that of their competition,  


Then we made a detailed list of what we wanted to promote in our campaigns and began working on the ads. After completing the creative setup, we forwarded the results to our clients for their approval.


We currently have seven Google Ads campaigns running, but over the years of our collaboration, we’ve had more than double that number. We monitor our clients accounts on a weekly basis and are continuously looking for ways to improve our strategy and increase our client’s profits.

Then we make a detailed list of what we want to promote in our campaigns and start working on the ads. After we complete the creative setup we forward it to our clients for their approval.

The Results: Almost 7,500 New Leads Over 6 Years

Our most successful approach was a Google Search campaign which brought in a staggering 7,494 leads in 6 years, with a conversion rate of 9,29%! The secret to our success is putting ourselves in our client’s customers’ shoes.


We try to think like a customer, asking ourselves what searches we would make, what keywords we would use and what’s important for a customer to see in the ads?

The Challenge: Fierce Competition & High Conversion Costs

The issue with this account was that the competition is fierce and the cost of conversions are high. That’s why we came up with several ideas, ad groups and campaigns to try to overcome this issue.

We succeeded in our efforts and achieved a conversion rate of over 9% for specific services.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

Continuous Optimisation Ensures Consistent Results

We monitor the account on a regular basis, optimize our approach with weekly audits conducted by our PPC specialists. We do this because it’s a really good idea to have another pair of eyes looking at the campaigns and coming at them with a fresh perspective. 


We know we’re good at what we do, but simply don’t know our clients’ business as well as they do, so we talk to our clients as often as we can to ask for feedback regarding what customers say and what they are looking for. Feedback is an essential part of our work.


We send weekly updates to the client, so there is a lot of collaboration. They like to get weekly news regarding their Google account but each of our clients is different, so we always try to adapt to meet their specific needs. This is complemented by monthly reports, as well as scheduled and ad hoc client meetings.

One of Our Oldest Clients & An Example of An Long-Standing Relationship

The lawyer office in Bucharest is one of our oldest clients and we’re extremely proud that we have achieved fantastic results together. Over the years, we’ve grown and learned together and we’re sure we’ll continue to do so well into the future. 

If you’re in need of significant results, contact us now and find out how Today’s Agency can help you reach your goals.

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