Case Study:Managing keywords and optimizing ads in the Google AdWords Search campaign





About is an online store from the fashion industry founded in 2009 and specializing in the sale of clothes and accessories from premium brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Nike, Lacoste, etc.
The manager of called on the services of Today’s Agency to manage a Google Ads campaign to help him develop his business.

The Requirement

Keyword portfolio management to maximize conversions.
Optimizing ads to increase CTR on Search and to attract the most relevant traffic.


Building a portfolio of over 20,000 keywords, following the initial research.

Focusing exclusively on brand-specific keywords from the client’s stock to maximize search relevance and, implicitly, the number of conversions.60% use of long tail keywords for which the number of searches is low, but the chance of conversion is high.

Detailed segmentation of the search campaign in keyword groups and brand-specific ads.

The use of extensive lists of negative keywords, mainly at the level of ad groups (over 5,200 excluded keywords), to avoid overlapping searches and to ensure compatibility between the search and the ad.

The use of dynamic inserts in the title of the ads to increase the CTR

Testing several variants of sitelinks extensions for ad optimization

Testing several types of ads (minimum 2 per ad group)


Average CTR on Search of 17.84%

Keeping the average cost per click under 0.30 RON for an average search position of 2.4

The increase in telephone sales from the first month after the start of the campaign, according to the information provided by the client.

Increased profitability of the campaign due to telephone upsells

The increased relevance of the traffic sent from Google Search, confirmed by the increase in the average value of the shopping cart.
Cost per conversion up to 45% lower on long tail keywords
CTR increase up to 27.45% by testing ad extensions

google ads

Ionut Iorgu Owner,
“Basically, since we introduced the “expensives” in Google Ads, sales have started to “move”. Cross-selling is done over the phone and is positive.
There are few searches, for example, on the Hackett shirt brand. Even so, the customer calls and buys 5-6 shirts, after which our customer remains.
In other words, we are starting to grow and that’s thanks to you.
Thank you once again.”

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