Case Study: Temper the campaign because it brings too many clients, too fast! How to outstand with an economic Google Ads campaign

The Need

REI FACILITY is in need for clients to make the social enterprise thrive. 

The Challenge

First niche to break: How to shortcut the circle of personal recommendations that governs the Romanians’ choices in selecting housemaids

 A cleaning company is generally the first option for office cleaning, but not residential, when it comes to Romanians. For home cleaning, most of them prefer to navigate a web of recommendations which provide them with the psychological assurance that they could trust the stranger who comb among their personal things. Romanians tend to establish personal-like relations with the people who clean their homes and as a social common feature, they place little interest or trust in the security provided by procedures and official contracts, preferring in exchange, a more personal and humane approach for placing trust in a person. That makes a cleaning company to exert little interest for residence cleaning.

Second niche to break: Homeowners Associations are the most passive and hidden clients a cleaning company could target


Another cultural trait of the Romanian society regards how Homeowners Associations act as social actors. More often than not homeowners from an association do not know one another and many times, even the president of such an association remains unknown to many members. The association acts as a legal entity, but there are no common plans, initiative and proactivity to be expected from it. Their presidents make most of the administrative decisions and they inform their neighbours by posting written announcement on the stairwells.  Even though assuring stairwell cleaning it’s a duty of such an association, it’s never transparent, no clear how such contracts are made, with whom, or the criteria they’re based. Targeting Homeowners Associations could prove challenging, as it means to penetrate a completely opaque environment.  

How to make magic with a modest budget

A cleaning company has a very specific, niche public which makes the objective to raise the number of clients within a short slot of time, especially challenging. It is even more challenging within the Romanian society, where cultural trends make the selection of such a company a rare event for residential and stairwells cleaning. Adding a modest budget to support such an endeavour takes more than expertise in digital marketing. It takes strategy and wit to design a working solution.

The solution

Niche approach with Google Ads


We structured all campaigns around each service provided by the cleaning company, in order to make both clear statements and to directly address specific publics. As the main objective was to enhance the pool of clients, a very specific and niche approach was taken. Not public awareness, notoriety or subscriptions were to be perused, but to directly convert the viewer into a client, directing him to complete the form to ask for an offer. 


In order to create this very direct jump, we focused exclusively on key-words connected with the strongest acquisition intention.

A low budged requires a more than perfectly selected target


Directing the right message to the prequalified potential clients, who are ready to act upon their will took an active process to exclude all words proved to be irrelevant for this very specific public. As the campaign started with over 400 negative key-words, computed to filter ads display to the right audience, a constant monitoring and re-adaptation process was undergone, in order to dynamically adjust the campaigns, based on real time data and performance. 


By the same time, in order to diminish the cost per click, we created high relevance textual announcements. We took the bold decision to bid such as to ensure NOT the first display position with Google ad-words. That was a sentient decision made in order to adjust to a restrictive budget, while ensuring the ad will stand out due to clear structure and best appropriate wording.

Results: over 50 clients in less than a month and a half, with an economic campaign of less than 10 euros per conversion

Even though the campaign was tailored to display the ads on inferior positions, the medium position being 3.6, the conversion rate was as high as 5 – 10%. See in the chart below how the flow of clicks  and conversions fluctuated.

*blue line = clicks, orange line = conversions

The campaign for general cleaning registered a conversion rate of 5.37%, even though the ad ranked the fourth position in searches, clearly indicating that users acted upon the most relevant message to them, despite its inferior placement. 

For stairwells cleaning, the most challenging service provided, a surprising click rate of 14% was secured, with a fruitful conversion rate of 10.13%.


“We started to work with Today’s agency in February. The campaigns aimed to secure offer requests for our cleaning services, provided by one of the companies from the REI FACILITY MANAGEMENT group. They outstandingly dedicated their time and hard work, as at the beginning of March we had to ask them to lower down the campaign, because we were receiving more requests than we had the capacity to manage. We are so satisfied with the collaboration with Today’s!”, wrote Roxana Mircea, Managing Partner at REI FACILITY. She has more than 10 year experience in European funds and business management. 


In short, after only a month and half, the impossible was conquered. A very specific public, with low chances to be identified and directly moved to action, was secured with a cost per conversion of less than 10 Euros. More than 50 clients were reached, as the medium conversion rate for all campaigns was 4.84%.

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