Case Study: The importance of concatenating keywords for medical services in Google Ads

How we managed to have a
high number of conversions at a much
lower cost/click than establish



How was the strategy formed?


Were strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research?

We did a debriefing of a document filled out by Metropolitan Hospital, from which we understood very well what each service / intervention involves, what happens from the moment the patient steps in the clinic to the moment the medical procedure ends. Who are their patients, what age are they, what medical conditions do they have, what’s their income, what interests do they have? We also wanted to know about the hospital’s competition and which are the competitive differentiators.

The next step was to extract important data from the hospital’s Google Analytics account in order to form an appropriate strategy for each patient segment.

With the information from the brief, the debriefing but also the data collected from Google Analytics we understood very well which type of patient each service is addressed to. 

We managed to bring in front relevant information, numbers and differentiators and write great targeted ads.

Examples of ads:

{KeyWord: Lumbar Disc Herniation}

1124 £ instead of 1390 £

Choose a Minimally Invasive Treatment. Experience of +500 Interventions / Year. Make an appointment at Metropolitan Hospital®

Gastric Bypass Surgery

4.1490 £ Full Package

Gastric Bypass Surgery + Analysis Package. Up to 76% Excess Weight Loss. Expert Doctors in Obesity Surgery. Gastric Sleeve + Analyze 4.7151 £

What project(s) were launched as part of the strategy?

The advertising account was very well structured, we had a dedicated campaign for each medical service, and at the group level, the structure was made according to the concatenation of the keywords of the medical services with prefixes / suffixes that indicate the intention to purchase, namely the operation, price, treatment.

What was the most successful project?

The concatenation of keywords helped us have a better control over bids, have high quality ads and a great CTR. We also added new ad groups according to search terms. All these actions lead to low cost / conversion.

Were there any unexpected issues that you overcame?

The issues with this account were: 

  • How can we make people understand medical terms and explain the benefits of the hospitals’ services in ads?
  • How can we put a relevant CTA in landing pages?

For a good conversion rate, we also made a content strategy for each landing page.

How did you and the client work together?

The client understood how important it is to have good and open communication, so that we can each do our best in this project.

What did you learn during the engagement?

During this collaboration we once again noticed how important it is to have regular meetings with our clients. During the meetings we found out important information about the business which we used in ads.

We also wanted to create a bond between the account manager and the client, that is why they had regular meetings so they could get to know and trust each other.

Did you refine the strategy to improve results?

We always work on improving the results of our campaigns and adding new ad groups. (depending on what search terms we find relevant).

Was there a lot of collaboration or was the client more hands-off?

At the beginning of each collaboration, we have many online meetings, where we inform the client about the status of the campaigns. If we have questions about the services or clients, we ask for the necessary information. 

Once the campaigns stabilize and we are on the right track, online meetings take place monthly or when the client requests, otherwise the communication is done by email.

Any takeaways?

After many optimizations, we managed to have a high number of conversions at a much lower cost/click than the initial one set by the client.

Do not make assumptions about your

Track it through Google Analytics.

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