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About Midocar

In 2014, MIDOCAR had a campaign called “50 Bays”, its purpose being the liquidation of a stock of 50 cars… “ASAP”, to quote from the brief :). Therefore, Today’s team created a PPC strategy to achieve the following objectives:
1. Generating the largest possible volume of leads with an interest in purchasing
2. Optimizing campaigns depending on the quality of the leads generated
3. Maintaining a profitable cost per acquisition (cost per lead) within the budget

The Requirement

Google Ads Display (placements, interests, context, display keywords select)
Google Ads Search (targeting the purchase intention expressed on Search).
Facebook Ads (audience segments defined according to the profile of the Volkswagen buyer: age, sex, interests, geographical area, marital status, etc.).
Retargeting: in Google Display Network and Facebook.
Manual tagging of URLs to identify in the request forms the offer source from which each customer came and to be able to conclude which channel has the greatest efficiency.

Approach: Learning the Company Top to Bottom

Because all contacts came only through the form on the Landing Page, the results of the campaign could be clearly measured and the leads followed until the sale.

A dedicated Landing Page for the campaign, optimized for lead generation.

History from previous MIDOCAR Volkswagen campaigns to create remarketing audiences, “lookalike” audiences and to choose keywords and websites with good conversion rates for the automotive industry.


After only the first week of the campaign, the sales team from MIDOCAR already had more than 10 people in very warm discussions, close to the sale, and, in about a month and a half, the 50 cars were sold.
Over 70% of the leads were obtained from the Facebook campaign.
The campaigns generated leads at a cost per conversion 2-3x lower than the usual cost in the automotive industry.

Google Search campaigns generated leads with a conversion rate of 3.5%.
Retargeting campaigns generated leads with a conversion rate of 3.83%.
The Display and Remarketing campaigns generated more than half of the total leads from Google (therefore they generated higher volumes than Google Search).

The campaign Landing Page

This aggressive lead generation strategy in a short campaign would not have worked as well without the use of a dedicated Landing Page for this campaign, optimized for lead generation by creating a sense of urgency and encouragingto submit request form.

The inclusion of a visible, short and easy-to-fill form on the page based on which the leads were collected
Creating a sense of urgency by mentioning the number of cars in stock, as well as those that are left from the total available. (Note: The number of cars left was updated manually once every few days, as the cars were sold).

Mention of the strengths of the 50 units in a visible area of the landing page: price, age etc.
Keeping the information on the landing page sufficiently concise to arouse curiosity, to be able to be browsed easily and quickly, but to be sufficient to understand the advantages offered by MIDOCAR
Using a real photo vs “stock” photos. The photo used in the landing page was of the models for sale.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

Campaign messages

Here are some examples of ads from the campaign, created to be consistent with the message and the visual on the landing page, a small “trick” that positively influences the conversion rate. Ads for the Google Display Network have been created in several sizes, to be able to enter as many available advertising slots as possible.

In the Google Search campaigns, the text ads were adapted according to the keywords searched by the users, in order to increase the relevance and, implicitly, the conversion rate.
Bonus, at the end: The campaign was accused of “social media fail”, some even questioning the veracity of the information from this campaign. We take this opportunity to convey that, yes, the first 16 units were sold very quickly 🙂 And the fact that we communicated this on the landing page helped us a lot to increase conversion by creating a sense of urgency.

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