Digital Marketing
Cheat Sheet
For Small & Medium LAW FIRMS


By reading our booklet, you will find out

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The four stages of a conversion journey

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What marketing channels you should use in each phase to maximize your results

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What activities bring the best results for each phase so you can optimize your marketing budget and your ROI

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The minimum budgets for each marketing channel to expect substantial results

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The timeframes to expect results and what KPIs you should track


Effective digital marketing done right, while also preventing you from losing time and money on strategies that no longer work, could be your golden ticket to a successful law firm.


Getting leads for your small or medium legal practice is not a walk in the park. The competition is fierce in the legal industry, so you need an affordable way to stand out and attract clients who are actively seeking legal advice or looking to hire a lawyer.


We will show you exactly what works best to boost your law firm’s online presence and generate a steady flow of traffic, leads, and clients for your business.

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Did you know that on average, around 20% of small & medium law firms use external digital marketing agencies?

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Find out what kind of work you should expect from your agency and how to track the progress with our cheat sheet.

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Are you ready to find out what digital marketing channels work best and bring leads and conversions for small and medium law firms?

What clients say about us

Laura Plugaru | Specialist Comunicare si PR, MIDOCAR
In three weeks, Today’s has generated approximately 1,000 leads for MIDOCAR’s Used Cars department, which is, according to our calculations, the best-performing Das WeltAuto media campaign of 2014.
Florin Marin | Managing partner at Salon du Mariage
I liked working with Today's from the beginning because they had a strategy based not only on bringing in as many customers as possible, but also a strategy based on reducing costs.
Ray Grigoriu | Finance & Strategy at
With the help of Today's we had the courage to try a Google Ads campaign and to my surprise we brought almost 80% new customers, which greatly stimulated our business and contributed to further recommendations.

Who we are

We change the life of a business!

Would you like to work with an agency specialized in online marketing, with proven reputation in delivering visible results?

We have an experience of 16 years, during which time we worked both on the domestic and international markets in over 480 projects and earned Google Premier Partner agency status, ranked in the top 5 in Romania. In addition, we are the first certified local agency, a tool used in conversion rate optimization.

We are a team specialized in generating paid traffic from online marketing campaigns, implementing conversion funnels and optimizing the conversion rate.

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