Do you know that according to research, PPC advertising is the Best Channel for Driving Traffic to Legal services businesses, generating around 58% of all traffic?

Clients find law firms they can trust through Google and social media channels like Linkedin. They’re looking for a solution to a problem. Maybe they’re unsure if their employer has treated them legally or fairly and are looking for the best employee solicitors in their local area.


Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a great way to put your law firm’s name in front of potential clients and get relevant leads.

With a quick bit of keyword research, you can create highly targeted ads that will get you seen by the people who need you most. No matter what stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in, you can use PPC advertising to drive critical actions to help move them closer to becoming a new client.


However, to make sure you can compete, you need to compose an effective digital marketing strategy to start seeing results.

Challenges Law Firms and Practices are facing.

As a law firm or practice, you face a couple of challenges. Research consistently shows that the complexities of marketing can be paralyzing for business owners–and those who do grab the reigns of their marketing often realize that they don’t have the time to dedicate to a successful marketing program.

At Todays agency, we have the right team and tools to deliver measurable results to your law firm’s PPC advertising needs, communicate your unique message, and resonate with the people who need your counsel. Make an impact with your clients.

1. I need people to find my law firm or practice online.

2. I want more of my ideal clients and cases.

3. I want to optimize my conversion rates.

Take a look at our case studies from the past Shopping Ads campaigns to get a first-hand view of all we do.

A small change to the website increased conversion rate by 133%
How we helped Colorful HR increase unique visitors on website by 223% and double the number of conversions
How we increased conversions by 338% thanks to DKI in Google Ads for a car service garage

What sets us apart?

  • We are a certified marketing agency by eTarget, certified local agency and Google Premier partner.
  • Since 2005, we worked in domestic and global markets on over 480 projects.
  • We work with dedicated tools to reduce human error and deliver effective campaigns.
  • We have extensive experience in generating leads , implementing conversion funnels, and optimizing the conversion rate on Linkedin Ads Campaings.
  • Our focus is to bring value to your business.
  • We speak the language of your business and understand your business model.
  • We are up to date with the news and trends in social media marketing. Check our blog.

People are constantly searching for the kinds of products you advertise.

Don’t let them miss your Shopping Ads.


While you only rely on search ads, your competitors’ products are at the top of the search results.


What stops you from being next to them?

Agency certifications

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