Digital Strategy is primarily about understanding your audience, their behaviours, and how you might craft new behaviour that involves your brand.


Let us guide you to establish the proper goals and practices for your long-term digital objectives and operate across all digital channels that your customer utilizes.


The core components of digital strategy involve:

  • objectives
  • channel strategy
  • content strategy
  • media strategy
  • tactics


A channel strategy is an understanding of what is possible with channels but choosing to utilize either a specific channel or a feature of a channel because you know it is pertinent to your target audience.

A content strategy is deciding what you’re going to put in those channels and it is informed by your overarching digital strategy. A media strategy is how you’re utilizing your paid activity. Tactics are the individual executions that are a part of making up our strategy.

Multi-Channel Strategy Development: 87% of companies recognize its critical value for success

Increase sales, synchronize data and start planning for future with your CEO

96% of UK buyers regularly check online before making an acquisition and 72% of English speaking consumers report they prefer connecting with brands through multichannel marketing.  87% of C-level employees also recognize its strategic value for success. 


Being everywhere at once allows you to reach all your audiences properly, by speaking all your targets’ languages, in terms of both granular segmentation and acquisition intention.  Working best to build brand awareness and to trigger action, multi-channel campaigns allow you to excel your marketing objectives, improve sales and website traffic, and clearly prove the ROI in the end.

  • Unified presence on all channels populated by your audience
  • Meet your customers wherever they are and expand their choice opportunity 
  • Channel customized messages for natural blending into your customers’ interests and behaviours
  • Conversion Rate enhancement
  • Website traffic  growth 
  • Sales boost
  • Cost reduction for new prospects 
  • Perfect technologies selection
  • Custom strategy design, based on your history and present needs
  • Regular reports and consultancy for turning points 
  • Focus and Time saving, as we’re transparently doing the whole job
  • Sustainable service and ROI tracking 

Ask us today to bridge you with your clients on all relevant channels

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We put both our human expert knowledge and top of the range tools in your service.

  1. Trust us with your challenges. Ask for a meeting.
  2. Pass through an in depth consultancy session 
  3. We develop a customized strategy, based on your history, your audience and your time being objectives
  4. We agree on the final version and your worries stop here.
  5. We implement the strategy, while constantly tracking results
  6. We send monthly reports and flag opportunities, for complete transparency and growth orientation. 
  7. In the end, you receive a friendly final report, allowing you to measure the ROI and plan for future actions

Get ready for success. Ask for an offer.

Build Multi-Channel Clients Funnels

Be it television, radio, print, website, social media, forums, blogs, e-mails or personal encounters, the channels which could accommodate your brand awareness are innumerable. A multichannel strategy allows you to select the proper ones and to design easy paths for prospects to interact with your brand.

Although 86% of senior marketers acknowledge that coordinated multi-channel campaigns are a must in order to shape coherent journey experiences for different segments of an audience, designing such intricate experience-maps requires time and resources. That’s why almost a quarter of marketing agencies refrain from such a task.
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When drafting a multi-channel strategy, the first thing you do is to thoroughly step through an audience analysis, to split in into right segments, according to several filters, including specific channel behaviour and your timely marketing objectives, along with business features and industry dynamics.

This analysis provides the grounds for selecting the best strategy and the most appropriate mix of channels that would maximize the campaign performance. Apart of that, a device analysis should be performed. It provides new strata of optimization, as the multi-channel strategy gets intertwined with a multi-device strategy.

Create User Journeys in accordance with your audience profiles

Securing success has much to do with crafting the strategy based on the so called AIDA model, adapted by Avinash Kaushik for online marketing.  It’s all about harmonizing your message with the buying process behaviour, split into SEE, THINK, DO, CARE. 

1. If a large part of your audience didn’t express online acquisition intent, or it’s not aware of the needs you come to meet, or, simply, your product is new, than you’re dealing with people cu mainly need to SEE.
You should target this part of the audience mainly for building brand awareness or to spread the news about a new service or new product.


2. Down the pyramid strata you find the audience comprising of people who are aware of the needs you provide for, but they aren’t actively seeking solutions.  They need to THINK that their needs actually have an answer and you’re the one who offers the best version of it. 

When talking to them, you should first address the needs and plan for guiding them to your products as the second step. 

3. A scanter part of your audience is well prepared to take action.  It’s encompassing people who became aware of their needs, made their research, acknowledged the existing solutions and expressed online intention of acquisition. They may instantly become your customers, if you reach them properly, as they DO act on their needs.

For improving your Conversion Rate and to expand sales, you should specifically seek and find people like them. Google Search Campaigns, Retargeting and Retargeting Dynamic are all tactics to trigger action among this audience stratum.


4. Finally, the scantest part of your audience CAREs for more products and services you may provide, after a successful acquisition experience.  Your products or services that may come handy as complementary or supplementary acquisitions should readily come as recommendations to your customers.

As you may see, your message, both in terms of content, planned impact and form, should vary according to your audience segments, which is furthermore refined based on channel specifics.  Also, a multi-channel strategy may cover different tactics. 

Let’s say you want to intensify sails for your products, while also enhancing website traffic.

A multi-channel strategy could accommodate a Paid Search campaign, a Retargeting one, an Etarget campaign, all complemented with Mobile Ads and Facebook Ads. 

1. Through Google Search Ads it’s ensured relevant traffic for your website. Constant optimization, which is a dynamic process, allows boosting the conversion rate and reducing the costs with new prospects. 


2. Careful segmentation of users, who checked your website, left a blueprint of their interest but failed to make an acquisition, are further perused on different channels and prompted with messages designed to bring them back and act on their specific needs. They may be chased on Facebook, when chatting with friends or, through Google Ads Display, wherever they take their time to read the news.

3. For both awareness building and sales intensification, an E-target campaign comes handy, as it secures promotional materials display on the most visited online portals. 


4. Mobile Ads and Facebook Ads are further used to shortcut the route between the moment when someone expresses interest in a product like yours or starts the online research and the moment when that person becomes a buyer.  Careful segmentation and well-tailored messages may guide interested users directly to your offers.

Don’t compromise for ready-made multi-channel strategy. Ask for one that uniquely fits your identity and needs!

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