50% of your success comes from Google AdWords Search Campaigns and Landing Pages for AdWords 

Make sure your AdWords Campaigns convert! Build dedicated landing pages

More than 50% of AdWords Campaigns are not matched with dedicated landing pages, but homepages. And poor landing experience is responsible to up to 75% loss of potential customers. 

When going with a Google AdWords Campaign, be sure to design the whole experience, ending in prospects actually taking action. That means building dedicated landing pages, attuned with the right ads which actually trigger traffic.

  • AdWords Campaigns attuned with proper landing pages
  • Built upon users’ intentions and interests
  • Message consistency for both ads and website experience
  • Relevance focused campaigns  
  • Conversion Rate enhancement
  • Website engagement boost
  • Cost reduction for conversions 
  • Conversion tracking and relevant analytics
  • Regular reports and consultancy 
  • Transparent and autonomous service
  • ROI measurement and sustainability orientation 

Grow relevant to your audience!

Expect more

Our mastery in digital experience design and landing page building, thoroughly tested, makes the difference in traffic generation and closing the loop of conversion.

  • Trust us with your challenges. Ask for a meeting.
  • Pass through an in depth consultancy session 
  • We thoroughly analyse your audience, your website traffic and your time being objectives.
  • Based on granular targeting, we develop the AdWords Campaign 
  • We match campaign’s relevance with relevant landing pages building, always developed through thoroughly testing before launching 
  • We submit monthly reports and monitor the unfolding of the campaign
  • Every six months we run together through a strategic planning session, as well as a tactic planning one, to up-level the strategy in accordance with your plans and opportunities. 
  • We  deliver a comprehensible final report, allowing you to measure the ROI and plan for future actions

Grow steady, stay relevant, ask for an offer!

Why Relevant Ads Need Relevant Landing Pages

You probably know that more than a half of AdWords campaigns conducted across English speaking digital environment lack proper analytics and tracking scripts. This mismanagement steers huge budget drains, as more than 90% of them fail to reach their objectives.

Above that, statistics show that more often than not, conversion comes as exception and less than 10% of the used adwords are responsible for most of the traffic.  As it frequently turns out, a great deal of budget gets drained on words which trigger no reaction among viewers. Similarly, large budget slices are lost on users hooked by proper ads, who don’t have their expectations met when landing on a page.  Read More

Adwords and dedicated landing pages are the two halves of the same apple 

Any adwords campaign needs granular segmentation and perfect targeting in order to stay relevant. Building awareness may benefit from general, all over the place vocabulary, that would reach large, heterogeneous audiences. To shoot wide, however, means to stick with very few visitors ready to act on your offer. Granular segmentation allows you to reach those who are truly interested in your services and products, the people who are more probably to find value in your proposal and act on it, with clear intention of acquisition. 

Finding the right dialogue partners, however, it’s not the happy end of your story. Once on your website, the true relevance test is passed or failed. Studies show that companies with more than 40 landing pages generate 12 times more leads than those with one to five.  Also, increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 could bring 55% increase in leads. 

What’s wrong in simply directing traffic to your homepage?

For a start, it may not be disastrous if your homepage mirrors the AdWords campaign. A short checklist to ensure that fit comprises in reviewing your headline, tagline, the copy which should be focused on benefits, triggers of trust, and the call to action. Of course, everything should be packed in great, clean layout and design, with visual or video content to complement the texts. The greatest disappointment for a visitor attracted by the promise made in an add is not to find on your homepage what he expects or to be forced to dig too deep into your website to find the object of his interest.  Most of the homepages, however, are not built in accordance with a specific campaign, and the buttons integrated in their menu act as exit widows from the landing page. When ads are created for more than one offer or service, then respect for the visitor’s intention becomes mandatory. He was targeted granularly based on a specific trigger and that’s what he’s searching for.

Another visitor who reacted to different adwords would seek for something else or a different tone of voice. Creating not just various routes for different segments of your audiences, but different final destinations, to match their intention it’s vital. As vital as creating various layouts and copies for landing pages and testing one against another before deciding which is the winner that’s going to meet your public’s eyes.

Ask for knowledge, talent and science for your AdWords Campaigns and Lading Pages building!

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