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Books Express is an exclusively online bookstore, with over 7 million books, most of them specialized in English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. Specialized books cover hundreds of fields, from cultural anthropology or criminology, to biochemical engineering or civil engineering. Books Express also sells fiction books or books for children and teenagers.

The Requirement: Increasing Cart Value

The wide variety of books in various fields comes with a number of big challenges for setting up PPC campaigns.

#1. Targeting a niche audience, which is actively looking for or is interested in specialized books (eg: companies, teachers, etc.)
#2. The inclusion in the campaigns of as many of the products available on the website as possible, in order to reach those who make specialized searches (eg: looking for an author or directly the title of the volume).
#3. Exclusion of irrelevant searches, which on this niche have a very large volume (many people search online for books in PDF format, torrents, formats for ebook readers, audio books, etc.).
#4. Increasing sales volumes, as well as the value of the shopping basket

Our Solution

Google Ads campaigns: Dynamic Search Ads – the best tool to answer challenges #1 and #2. Dynamic Search Ads makes a dynamic match between a user’s search and website pages without the need to set keywords in ad groups. In this way, extremely specialized search volumes can be covered that cannot be manually added to campaigns, as in the example below: “netter anatomy atlas”.

Our Solution

Google Ads Remarketing campaigns

If through a classic Remarketing campaign you can only display banners or text ads to those who visited your site, but did not buy, Dynamic Remarketing helps you include specific images in those banners or text ads, depending on the products that the user viewed on your website, without buying them. Thus, the message becomes much more targeted, much more relevant, which helps to increase the chance that that user followed by advertisements will come back and buy.

Campaign screenshot

Monitoring the value of transactions directly in Google Ads

For any online bookstore, one of the most important performance indicators to monitor is the value of transactions (Total Conversion Value).

By doing this setting, you can see which keywords generated the most orders.

By monitoring the value of the transactions, you can make effective optimization decisions at the campaign level or even at the keyword or ad level. Thus, even if for a keyword it is necessary to pay more per click and have a higher cost per acquisition, the value of the transactions coming from this word could justify keeping it and activating more aggressive bidding options.

Structuring and segmentation of Google Ads Search campaign

When you choose the keywords from a campaign or when you make the decision to structure the Google Ads account on campaigns and ad groups, an important criterion must be taken into account: who is the consumer I want to target? Knowing the answer to this question, you can organize your Google Ads account according to the search behavior of the target audience and its interests.


On Google Search, as the optimizations were made, we added over 3,200 negative keywords at the campaign level and over 2,500 negative keywords at the ad group level. Negative keywords help us exclude irrelevant searches for the products sold and reduce costs. Among the keywords chosen were: “download”, “download”, “free”, “audio”, “torrents” etc.
Sites on which the display was not relevant were periodically excluded from the Display Remarketing components, reaching over 1,100 negative placements and topics. Through these optimizations, we ensured that the banners are displayed in relevant contexts, favorable to the generation of purchases, thus saving hundreds of lei per month.

Big Results Can Come From Small Changes

The cost per acquisition fluctuates depending on several factors, but through constant optimizations, it is maintained at a monthly or quarterly level within certain limits, in order to maintain the profitability of the campaigns. Without periodic optimizations in a Google Ads account, the cost per purchase would increase.

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