Pages with at least a one second delay decrease conversions by 7%.

No one has the patience for weak landing pages.

Only 52% of businesses that use landing pages also check their health to make improvements.

Which side are you on?

Why you need a landing page health check service?

People visit their favorite websites every day to read the news, inform themselves, and keep up with the latest trends. But, most of the time, they are not even searching for a particular product or service.

While websites are a valuable source of content for users, they are also a profitable advertising area for businesses.

Using Google Ads Display, you can get your business in front of many customers that surf the internet with no buying intent.

Target them by age, interest, topic, and other specific attributes like the sites they’re on and the placement of your ads.

Increase your brand awareness and conversions by displaying ads on suitable screens at the right times.

These are the key success factors of our Google Ads Display service:

  • Ad optimization
  • Programmatic ad setup
  • Remarketing
  • Auditing, testing, and reporting
  • Ongoing management and optimization
  • Campaign strategy & structure 
  • Budget setting
  • Placements analysis
  • Targeting methods
  • Cross-device strategy

We have learned that success is not accidental, and we also applied the philosophy of “continuous improvement” to over 480 projects we have dealt with.


We apply our winning processes and checklists on each Google Display Ads project in all stages: setting, launching, optimizing, and reporting. This way, we minimize human error, and we efficientize the time and the budget spent, so overall, we offer better results.


What are the benefits of using Google Ads Display?

google ad services
Reach a vast audience.

More than 2 million websites are running across the Google Display Network. That means a great potential to reveal your brand and offers to people browsing there every day.

Multiple ad formats.

Google Ads allow businesses to create and customize ads suitable to their identities, such as responsive display ads, engagement ads, or Gmail ads. These are great visually engaging call-to-action that will drive sales and signups for your business.

Reach users earlier.

Using Google Display Ads, you can reach people much earlier in the buying cycle, even before purchasing intent appears. For example, maybe the users were not in the buying phase when they first saw your ad, but your brand would be the first they consider when looking to make a purchase.


Reach users who’ve already seen your ads or visited your website and remind them that they’re interested in your products or services. This feature ensures that you do not miss any potential customers.

Managed placements.

Place your display ads on relevant sites across the web. Google Ads Network tools allow you to target the audience based on keywords and helps you place ads in the most suitable places all over the internet.

Programmatic Display.

With real-time bidding and relevant, timely ads that may fulfill a specific consumer need, this feature will automate the buying and selling of media inventory, so you won't have to. Moreover, you can see the exact websites your ads are reaching, the type of customer watching your ad, and any extra costs linked with the ad space in real-time.

Performance measurement.

You can track and monitor the ad campaign’s success using detailed reports on the ads placed through the Google Display Network. These will help you understand whether something is working or not and where you should make improvements to achieve the highest results.

Take a look at our case studies from the past International PPC campaigns to get a first-hand view of all we do.


We reached CPAs under 1 Eur in Google and Facebook campaigns


Reviving the Romanian Market for Used Smart Gears through Lead Generation


Discover how a law firm used Google Ads to grow their business by 54%

We belive in succesful partnership

Are you ready for the proper Google Ads Services that will bring you clicks & conversions?

The latest reviews about our work.

Laura Plugaru | Specialist Comunicare si PR, MIDOCAR
In three weeks, Today’s has generated approximately 1,000 leads for MIDOCAR’s Used Cars department, which is, according to our calculations, the best-performing Das WeltAuto media campaign of 2014.
Florin Marin | Managing partner at Salon du Mariage
I liked working with Today's from the beginning because they had a strategy based not only on bringing in as many customers as possible, but also a strategy based on reducing costs.
Ray Grigoriu | Finance & Strategy at
With the help of Today's we had the courage to try a Google Ads campaign and to my surprise we brought almost 80% new customers, which greatly stimulated our business and contributed to further recommendations.

The conversion rate of a landing page may vary by industry. The average landing page conversion rate is 2.35%. However, the top 10% of websites are converting at 11.45% and above.

There is a general checklist of things you can test on a landing page found on Google in seconds. However, unless you want a quick health check of your landing pages, only a specialist can help you with an in-depth analysis.

At least once a month, we schedule a meeting with you, and we report the results and discuss the project status. If you need immediate assistance, you can always schedule an appointment with one of our specialists on the same day.

We have an internal audit process with our experts to find solutions for problems that arise. Also, when we set up a campaign, we propose a tactical plan. Each month we come up with insights and actions we recommend implementing. So every six months, we create a strategic plan to optimize the campaign budget and conversions on all your paid traffic channels.

Once we understand your requirements and your specific goals, then we can create a strategic plan with the timelines, strategies, and the budget for you to approve.

Well, we try to tailor our solutions for most of the companies that need our help. However, from our experience, you're not a right fit for us if: 1) you micromanage and like to do changes in the campaigns on your own, 2) we can't set KPIs for your campaigns, or 3) you don't have a budget of at least $1000/month.

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