Around 74% of all Google Tag Manager instances are implemented incorrectly.

By making the same mistake, you will miss valuable data for your business.

41.4% of the top 200 marketing websites are using Google Tag Manager.

What's stopping you?  

How our Google Tag Manager Setup service help you?

Google Tag Manager allows you to tag important actions users take on your website to track your marketing performance, such as purchases, downloads, video views, link clicks, and more without manually updating code.

Even if it's a handy tool, it is also challenging to deal with its setup and management.

Therefore, improper configurations, wrong tagging structures, and a lack of ongoing GTM analysis will ultimately lead to incorrect tagging and weak data.

With our Google Tag Manager Setup service, we can help you implement, manage, and maintain your Google Tag Manager account by executing custom solutions based on your needs and goals, providing ongoing management, and ensuring tagging and integrations are consistent across your account.

These are the key success factors of our GTM Setup service:

  • GTM account setup 
  • Mapping & optimization of tagging structure 
  • Trigger & variable management 
  • 3rd party code implementation
  • Goal conversion and event tracking 
  • Enhanced eCommerce tracking 
  • Cross-domain tracking 
  • Click-to-call tracking 
  • Video tracking 
  • Scroll tracking 
  • Tag testing 
  • Debugging GTM issues 
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Consulting 
  • Advanced tracking and reporting 

We have learned that success is not accidental, and we have also applied the philosophy of “continuous improvement” to the 480+ projects we have dealt with.

We have evolved and applied a stream of processes and checklists in almost all stages such as setting, launching, optimizing, and reporting in order to minimize human error and to ensure we apply the right recipe in all our projects, small or large.


Why should you use Google Tag Manager?

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It works independently.

GTM allows you to track tag addition/removal and adjustment through its interface rather than using a legacy code on all separate pages.

Version flexibility.

In case of any tag changes, the GTM solution creates a new, updated version for you and provides flexibility to go back to the previous live versions if your tags are not working as expected.


GTM has a built-in debug feature that lets you test tags in their draft version to ensure that they work correctly on the live website, thus not including junk/test data in your current active analytics account.

Boost your site speed.

Excluding complex codes from your website will increase the loading and performing speed. More than that, Google Tag Manager also supports asynchronous page load, which is a big benefit for your page speed.

Event tracking.

Without adding code to the links you want to track, GTM will automatically track visitor events like clicks, video engagement, and form submissions. That will save you a bunch of time by tagging each link you want to track manually.

Users & permissions management.

With Google Tag Manager, you can easily set permissions for individual users to make changes to the website and create tags, macros, and rules.

Take a look at our case studies from the past International PPC campaigns to get a first-hand view of all we do.


We reached CPAs under 1 Eur in Google and Facebook campaigns

Dental Area

225.9% increase in conversion rate for a dental practice by using a dedicated landing page


Discover how a law firm used Google Ads to grow their business by 54%

We belive in succesful partnership

Are you ready for the proper Google Ads Services that will bring you clicks & conversions?

The latest reviews about our work.

Laura Plugaru | Specialist Comunicare si PR, MIDOCAR
In three weeks, Today’s has generated approximately 1,000 leads for MIDOCAR’s Used Cars department, which is, according to our calculations, the best-performing Das WeltAuto media campaign of 2014.
Florin Marin | Managing partner at Salon du Mariage
I liked working with Today's from the beginning because they had a strategy based not only on bringing in as many customers as possible, but also a strategy based on reducing costs.
Ray Grigoriu | Finance & Strategy at
With the help of Today's we had the courage to try a Google Ads campaign and to my surprise we brought almost 80% new customers, which greatly stimulated our business and contributed to further recommendations.

While GTM lets you manage various Javascript tracking tags on your website, the GA tracking code is one of those tags. In other words, Google Analytics is a tool that provides reports while Google Tag Manager has no reporting features because it is used to send data from your website to other analytics tools, including Google Analytics.

We have an internal audit process with our experts to find solutions for problems that arise. Also, when we set up a campaign, we propose a tactical plan. Then, each month we come up with insights and actions we recommend implementing.

Once we understand your specific goals, then we can create a strategic plan with the timelines, strategies, and the budget for you to approve.

Well, we try to tailor our solutions for most of the companies that need our help. However, from our experience, you're not a right fit for us if: 1) you micromanage and do changes in the campaigns on your own, 2) we can't set KPIs for your campaigns, 3) you don't have a budget of at least $1000/month.

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  • Since 2005, we have worked in domestic and global markets on over 480 projects.
  • We have extensive experience in Landing Page creation & optimization.
  • We work with dedicated tools to reduce human error and deliver effective campaigns.
  • We have extensive experience in generating leads, implementing conversion funnels, and optimizing the conversion rate.

  • Our focus is to bring value to your business.

  • We speak the language of your business and understand your business model.

  • We are up to date with the news and trends in digital marketing. Check our blog.


You know those moments when everything seems to be going well, but you find out that your Google Tag Manager is not set up correctly?

We'll help you skip that part.

Incorrect setup of your GTM will prevent you from seeing valuable data.


This is something you definitely don't want to happen if ROI is important toyou.

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