Case Study: A Small Change To The Website Increased Conversion Rate By 133%





The Problem:

Our customer, who sells organic products online, asked us to find a solution which increases his ecommerce cart value on his website.

The Ideea:

Our idea for this client was to show customers similar products to which they bought, at special discounts and convince them to purchase the products.

The conversion rate (at upsell) was 3.53% but we wanted a solution to increase this conversion rate.

The Solution:

What we did was to create 3 variants of the original LP (Variation A, Variation B, Variation C) which showed users an additional product that they can add to their basket.

What we tested were simple changes from the original page: each variant (A, B or C) had different title, different call-to-action (both as a message, as well as in size and color). Then we sent traffic to all these three variants and monitored the results.

The tables above show how the conversion rate developed for the three tested variants.

Variant C recorded the worst results so it was stopped. Variant B registered an increase of + 33% in conversion rate, which is not bad at all. Variant A registered an increase of + 133% compared to the original version.

The Conclusion

There is no need to make drastic design changes or change the entire content of a page to see a significant increase in conversion rate. Even the slightest change matters. Always test and good results will appear!

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