Case Study: How We Increased Conversions While Reducing Costs For Metropolitan Hospital




About Metropolitan Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital is a Bucharest-based private establishment focusing on medical intervention surgeries, like gastric bypasses, herniated disc procedures and other medical conditions.
Metropolitan Hospital approached us with a view to increasing their patient conversion rates, whilst improving the experience customers received online.


Our Opening Strategy

After an extensive ‘getting to know you’ process that allowed us to better understand Metropolitan
Hospital, we had a firm grasp of the end-to-end process patients had between arrival and completion of their chosen procedure.

We also determined what their ideal target customer demographic looked like and the competitors they were up against.

The next step was to extract important data from the hospital’s Google Analytics account in order to form an appropriate strategy for each patient segment.

Next Steps…

Next, we took the necessary steps to extract important Google Analytics data with a view to creating an appropriate strategy for each patient segment. Added to the information in brief, we understood the ideal patient for each kind of service.

Our initial action was to create great, targeted ads, taking all relevant info, differentiators and numbers into account.

Examples of ads:

{KeyWord: Lumbar Disc Herniation}

1124 £ instead of 1390 £

Choose a Minimally Invasive Treatment. Experience of +500 Interventions / Year. Make an appointment at Metropolitan Hospital®

Gastric Bypass Surgery

4.1490 £ Full Package

Gastric Bypass Surgery + Analysis Package. Up to 76% Excess Weight Loss. Expert Doctors in Obesity Surgery. Gastric Sleeve + Analyze 4.7151 £

Were strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research?

With the information from the brief, the debriefing and also the data collected from Google Analytics, we understood very well which type of patient each service is addressed to.
We managed to bring in front relevant information, numbers and differentiators and write great targeted ads.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

Projects Included As Part of Our Strategy

We created a uniform structure for our campaigns, with a dedicated arm for each medical service. At a group level, the structure was based on medical service keyword concatenation with prefixes/suffixes to indicate buyer intention e.g. treatment, operation, price etc.

Great CTR & Low-Cost Conversion

We enjoyed success with increased control over bids, high-quality ads and an awesome Click Through Rate (CTR). This was achieved through the concatenation of keywords and the adding of new search term-based ad groups, with all of these measures leading to a lower cost per conversion.

Challenges We Overcame

During the process, we found that customers didn’t always understand the medical terms and benefits mentioned in the services advertised. We overcame this by creating clearer ads that better described the services offered & value delivered by Metropolitan Hospital.

We Increased Conversion Rates With Effective CTAs

We also saw an increase in conversion rates by ensuring that each landing page featured a clear and compelling Call to Action.

Regular Meetings Proved Useful

As is the case in many successful collaborations, the regular meetings we had with the client allowed us to glean more useful insight into the expertise offered by the hospital – which we channeled into the ads we were creating.
We were able to get the optimum value out of our collaboration with the Metropolitan Hospital in Bucharest through these regular meetings online. As well as keeping their team ‘in the loop’, trust was able to grow and our working relationship was extremely effective in achieving our goals.

Any takeaways?

We’re extremely proud of the optimisation work and results we’ve achieved with Metropolitan Hospital. As well as increasing their conversion rate considerably, we’ve also greatly reduced the cost per click the client had set at the beginning of the process.

Striving For Continuous Improvement

We understand the need for continuous work to ensure ongoing success, so we haven’t rested on our laurels. We’re always fine-tuning our campaigns, adding new ad groups when required.

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