How we Increased Website Traffic & Conversions For TeamShare Using Google Ads

About Teamshare

Teamshare is a company that offers complete e-commerce solutions with over ten years of experience. Designing & implementing scalable automated services, they allow customers to sell their wares around the world.

The Requirement: Increase Website Traffic & Conversions

Teamshare came to us in order to spread awareness of their services and increase traffic to their website that converts. They chose Today’s Agency due to our 15+ years of experience and the close relationship we enjoy with our clients. We are always there to help our clients succeed with their business.

The Challenge: Existing Campaign Not Optimized

When Teamshare came to us, they already had some Google campaigns enabled but after conducting a general audit on the account, we noticed several things. Their campaigns were not properly optimized or monitored daily.


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Our Solution: Leveraging All Available Data

The first thing we carried out was a debriefing to understand the clients’ typology and its competitive differentiators. We also analyzed the client’s website, the field of activity, competition, and all other valuable information.

With all this data, we were able to create new campaigns from scratch in a highly-targeted way. We created attractive ads incorporating all appropriate keywords. Then, after completing the creative setup, we sent it to the client for feedback.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

Convincing Customers to Click TeamShare Ads

There are plenty of e-commerce companies out there that offer great website development services, so our challenge was to convince people to click on TeamShare’s ads and choose their services instead of their competitors.

We started creating the ads based on the company’s strengths, with our client’s USPs being highlighted. Then, people interested in creating a modern, professional website, saw the ads and contacted our client.

The Most Successful Project?

The most successful campaign for this client was a New Broad campaign – which generated over 100 leads in 12 months – based on broad match type keywords, followed by other campaigns types. 


The broad keyword campaign was monitored frequently in order to avoid irrelevant expressions being shown and daily optimisation included adding negative keywords when necessary and checking all the other KPIs.


In terms of CPA, the best approach was the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) campaign. RLSA is a feature that lets you customise your search ads for people who have previously visited your website.


It’s also possible to tailor your bids and ads to these visitors when they’re searching on Google and search partner websites. Optimising this campaign, we managed to obtain the best CPA in the entire account, even if the number of conversions was less than in others.

The Results: 202 Conversion – CPA €10.90

In a short period of time, we managed to achieve incredible results. We obtained an impressive 202 conversions, with a CPA of €10,90.

Challenges Faced During Campaign

Every account has its challenges and some of the campaigns were created based on very targeted key expressions. This meant that most of them didn’t have many searches on Google. The implication was that those campaigns weren’t running, because they didn’t spend the budget.

So, we had to find some new, similar and appropriate expressions that had a higher Google search volume to extend the campaigns. We succeeded by creating new expressions and new ads, and the campaigns started consuming budget and converting.

In just one year, we generated 300 leads with a cost/conversion of €14.

Refining the Strategy to Enhance Results

During the engagement we learned how important it is to talk on a regular basis with our clients because we get many insights.

By closely monitoring all campaigns, we are able to see exactly what potential customers are looking for, allowing us to optimize results for this account. 


User behavior is often affected by external factors as well, so we had to analyze and identify them. Considering all those factors, we adjusted the campaign accordingly.

Working Closely With the Client
to Great Effect

At the beginning of a collaboration with any new client, we usually conduct numerous meetings or talk at length via emails in order to get all the necessary information. 


We also wanted to hear our clients’ feedback in order to improve our strategy and also our services. We worked very well together and whenever we had questions about the typology of the client’s topology, we always received quick feedback.

Targets Hit & Customer Thrilled

Both the Today’s Agency team and the client were thrilled with the results we achieved in such a short period of time. Through well-thought-out Google Ad campaigns, we were able to meet the desired CPA – further reinforcing our reputation as a company that offers results and fast.

If you’re in need of significant results, contact us now and find out how Today’s Agency can help you reach your goals.

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