How We Attracted 50 Clients In Less Than a Month For REI FACILITY Cleaners With a Cost-Effective Google Ads Campaign


Founded in 2015, the cleaning business, REI FACILITY, was in search of clients. It’s a social enterprise that was deliberately founded to offer work placements to people in need, but its revenue was still modest on the modest side. Its services included residential, office, post-building yard, and stairwell cleaning.

The Requirement :
To find new clients, but on a relatively restricted budget.

A cleaning company is generally the first option for office cleaning, but not for residential customers when it comes to Romanians. Most prefer to use a service whose reviews assure a person that they could trust a stranger combing through their personal belongings for home cleaning.

The Challenge:
Changing Attitudes With Romanian Homeowners

Niche #1 – How to Tap Into the Circle of Personal Recommendations That Influence Romanian Homeowner Choices in Selecting Housemaids


Romanians tend to establish semi-personal relationships with the people who clean their homes. As a socially common feature, they place little interest or trust in the security provided by official contracts, preferring a more personal and humane approach of putting trust in a person. That makes a cleaning company expertise of little interest to Romanians for residential cleaning.


Niche #2 – Engaging With Homeowners Associations: The Most Fruitful Segment a Cleaning Company Could Target For New Clients


Another cultural trait of Romanian society relates to how Homeowner Associations act socially. More often than not, homeowners from an association do not know one another, with even the president of such an association often remaining unknown to many members. 

These associations act as legal entities, but there are no standard plans, initiatives or proactivity measures implemented by them.. Their presidents make most of the administrative decisions, informing neighbors by posting written announcements on the stairwells.  

Even though arranging stairwell cleaning is a duty of this kind of association, it’s never transparent with regards to how such contracts are agreed, with whom or the criteria on which they’re based. Targeting Homeowners Associations could prove challenging as it’s an entirely opaque environment. 

Acquiring New Clients But With a Modest Budget

Cleaning companies typically have a particular niche clientele, which is why increasing numbers in a short space of time can be challenging – particularly in Romanian society where it’s rare for residential & stairwell cleaning to be carried out by a company and not an individual.

Doing all this on a modest budget takes more than just advanced expertise in digital marketing. It takes strategy and innovative thinking to design a working solution

Our Solution: Maximizing Advertising Resources With a Niche Approach

Niche Approach with Google Ads

We structured all campaigns around each service provided by the cleaning company in order to make clear statements and directly address specific clients. As the main objective was to increase the pool of clients, a very specific and niche approach was taken. Neither public awareness, reputation nor subscriptions were used, rather potential customers were directed to complete a form requesting services, with a view to instantly convert them into a client. 

To create this straightforward shift, we focused exclusively on keywords connected with the strongest acquisition intention.

A Low Budget Requires a Perfectly Selected Target

Directing the right message to prequalified potential clients, who are ready to act upon their will, took an active process to exclude all irrelevant words for this particular clientele. As the campaign started with over 400 negative keywords, filtering ads to the right audience, constant monitoring, and a re-adaptation process were undertaken to dynamically adjust the campaigns based on real-time data and performance.


At the same time, to reduce the cost per click, we created high-relevance textual announcements. We made the bold decision to bid to ensure we were NOT occupying the first display position with Google Ads. That was a conscious decision to adjust to a restrictive budget while ensuring the ad would stand out due to clear structure and the most appropriate wording.

The Results: Over 50 clients in less than six weeks at a cost of less than 10 euros per conversion

Even though the campaign was tailored to display the ads in inferior positions, the medium position being 3.6, the conversion rate was as high as 5 – 10%. See in the chart below how the flow of clicks and conversions fluctuated.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

The campaign for general cleaning achieved a conversion rate of 5.37%, even though the ad ranked  fourth in online searches, clearly indicating that users acted upon the most relevant message to them, despite its inferior placement. 

*blue line = clicks, orange line = conversions

For stairwell cleaning, the most challenging service provided a surprising click rate of 14%, with an impressive conversion rate of 10.13%.


Here’s what REI FACILITY Managing Partner Roxana Mircea had to say about the results we achieved. 


We started working with Today’s agency in February. The campaigns aimed to secure offer requests for our cleaning services provided by one of the companies from the REI FACILITY MANAGEMENT group. They worked hard and at the beginning of March, we actually had to ask them to slow down the campaign because we were receiving more requests than we could manage!


In short, after only a month and a half, the impossible was achieved. Very specific, hard-to-identify clientele were directly encouraged to take action. This was secured at a cost per conversion of less than 10 Euros and more than 50 clients were reached, with an average conversion rate for all campaigns sitting at 4.84%. 


If you would like to know more about how we can help you successfully turn challenges into growth & revenue, get in touch today!

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