Case Study:How We Helped Travel Medical Convert Undecided Customers With Google Ads




Travel Medical, provides information and coordinates overseas travel for high-quality medical services at great price points. With the help of globalization, medical knowledge and technologies have spread worldwide, with the company providing access to the best treatments for patient needs.

The Requirement: Increase Website Traffic & Conversions

Travel Medical came to our Today’s Agency with the primary goal being to increase traffic to their website that converts.

Our Solution: Connecting With People On a Different Level

Our initial approach involved an in-depth fact-finding session, which allowed us to know the exact status of their advertising campaigns. We then backed this up with weekly audits, during which we laid out the journey to creating ads that had a CTR rate above average. Part of the challenge of ranking high was the intense competition from the many clinics and private hospitals on the market.

We notice that ads from the competition failed to express hope or compassion, with the advertisers perhaps forgetting that their ads would be seen by real people. This led to us creating ads that addressed this disparity, rather than focusing on benefits, features or promotions.

Real Ads For Real People

Our strategy involved communicating with real people with compassion and understanding. People require medical services at traumatic times in their lives and we highlighted Travel Medicals’ desire to help people lead better, healthier lives using the best technologies available.


  1. Realize your dreams of having a baby with the help of In vitro fertilization.
  2. You are strong. You can beat cancer. Try oncological treatment in Turkey. Ask for Info.

Another aspect that we noticed was that the medical services and terms were not explained in the ads. Sure, it can be difficult to fully explain with a limited number of characters. Nevertheless,  it can be done. It’s not sufficient to simply state that your services are the best possible prices, as you also need to highlight the benefits are enjoyed by using them in a context that a layman would understand.

You can’t just say your services are the best and at a great price point. Try to highlight the benefits of your service or product and think about what’s in it for the customer, if he buys your product or service.

Impressions during November and December:

Clicks during November and December:

Number of conversions during November and December:

The Results – Doubled Traffic & Conversion Increased by 50%

After just one month, we managed to double traffic and raise the conversion rate by 50%. These incredible results are evident in the increase of paid traffic, which further illustrates an improvement in Google Ads ranking, as a result of our campaigns.

Six Search Campaigns, Each With 30 Ad Groups

We improved the existing active campaigns, of which there were six search campaigns, with each having up to 30 ad groups. Each ad group had more than two ads, so you can imagine how many ads needed to be improved. We worked many hours on this account.

We included compassion and hope in our ads, but also explained how some medical technologies work and most importantly what they treat. How did we manage to do this? With the help of our client, of course, and a lot of research.

Our Most Effective Campaign

Our most successful Google Ads campaign was a search standard campaign, which showed exclusively on desktop. We also always run separate search campaigns for each device. Over a period of 5 years, we managed to generate 257 leads across all campaigns with a CPA of less than €15.

We monitored the account on a daily basis during the first two weeks of implementing our strategy and made several changes to help it grow. During this phase, we are able to see exactly what potential customers are looking for, allowing us to optimize the account.

Challenges Faced

We had a lot of traffic on the website which did not convert. Travel Medical had a lot of information on their website about each medical procedure and users would go online to learn, so they did not convert. That meant that we didn’t show up in Google search results for general search terms.

We set up campaigns with long-tail keywords to catch users with a real intention for a medical procedure. We also focused on medical services in our campaigns which had the best results but were also profitable for the client e.g. someone needing heart surgery will be more profitable for the client than another wanting hair implants.

Close Client Collaboration

We pride ourselves on the closeness of the relationships we have with our clients and we were once again shown the importance of regular discussions. We get so many insights into what their customers want and what the competition is doing. During these sessions, we’re always also looking for ways we can improve what we’re doing and client feedback really helps.

Great Results & We’re Still Working With Travel Medical

After just one month of intensive work, we doubled the number of conversions and almost tripled the website traffic. Of course, we are thrilled to have another happy customer but most importantly, we are happy that we can give people hope to find the help they need fast.

If you want to enjoy meaningful results like these, contact us now and find out how Today’s Agency can help you reach your goals.

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