Case Study: How do you increase sales with Google Ads for integrated playground equipment (





How was the strategy formed

When we start a new collaboration with a client we send him a document with different questions, which he will have to fill in.

After the client answers all the questions we set up a date to have a debriefing of the document. This debriefing is very important for us because now is the time to ask questions and create an effective strategy. 

Were strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research, etc.?

We made decisions based on research, expertise and experience. Before writing a creative setup we always make some research to see what other competitors are doing. What are they writing in their ads, what are they saying on their website, what services do they provide, what can we do better? 

After talking to our client and doing some research we concluded that we want to highlight the fact that Playzone Concept pays attention to the smallest details of each arranged playground, offering the best quality, with impeccable finishes. Business owners chose Playzone Concept for the top notch quality of materials and the attention they provide to details.

What project(s) were launched as part of the strategy?

We understood our clients’ needs and we made a plan: start google search campaigns, google display remarketing and DSA campaigns.

We chose search campaigns because our target were business owners who are already searching for companies which arrange playgrounds. 

What was the most successful project?

As we expected, the most successful campaigns were the Google Search Campaigns, conversions coming mostly from desktop than mobile. People prefer searching online on computers before they make the decision to purchase. 

After just three months of enabling google ads campaigns, we managed to double the traffic and raise the conversion rate by 100%. We managed to have these results due to our regular optimizations and audits. 

Google Campaigns Performance  2019 – 2020

Results in the first month on Google Ads

Results after 3 months of Google Ads campaign 

Were there any unexpected issues that you overcame?

Even though Playzone Concept is a small player on the market with a small team, the competition felt some pressure. We say this because we have received emails from the competition asking us to stop Adwords competitor targeting even though it’s legal and allowed by Google. We did what they asked even though they did not stop the competitor targeting as well. Honestly we felt good that competition was threatened by our google campaigns.

Did you refine the strategy to improve results?

As we knew exactly which our target is we wanted to exclude from the beginning people looking for playground equipment for their garden or home. How did we do that? Through optimization. The moment we enable an account which has new campaigns, we optimize it daily for the first 2 weeks. After the campaigns stabilize and we gather some data we optimize each account weekly.

How did you and the client work together?

We already knew the marketing manager of Playzone Concept because we have worked with her on different projects. She knew we are the best choice when it comes to online marketing, that is why she recommended us to her company.

Was there a lot of collaboration or was the client more hands-off?

(Many prospective clients are curious about what their level of involvement in your process would look like.)

There was a lot of collaboration with Playzone Concept. After the first 2 weeks of enabling the campaigns we had a meeting with the marketing manager to look over the campaigns but also to receive feedback. Feedback is very important for us and we always are happy to receive it. After the 2 weeks call we have regular meetings with all clients but we also are open to changing our established calls to when our clients are available.

What did you learn during the engagement?

During this engagement we learned not to be afraid of big competitors because you can clearly do better with the small amount of budget you have. Playzone Concept is always thinking of new ideas and services to help their clients and we are always there to support them online.

Do not make assumptions about your

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