Case Study:How To Make Your Brand Work Online – 138.22% More Traffic After The Offline Identity Was Declined Through A Clever Online Campaign, For A High Quality PVC Doors And Windows Manufacturer

The Need

Barrier had to integrate an online marketing component within the general communication strategy developed the previous year. The brand was built upon its strengths, referring to German production technology used to create weather-proof windows, with high protection against noise, and, also, theft.  A peaceful and restful home was what Barrier promised to its clients. However, the identity was created and communicated only in terms of radio, TV, printed press and PR materials. 

The Challenge

Building up a complete digital strategy, based on brand identity


As no online research was made before, the company had to build up a digital strategy from scratch, in order to translate the brand for the online audiences. That meant more than planting the brand concept within the digital environment, through YouTube Ads, Google Display or Facebook Ads. Performance related actions had to be enabled, with Google Search and Retargeting processes used for lead generation and active audience building.  

The solution

Niche approach with Google Ads


As straight forward as it may seem, efficient online segmentation is vital for the rest of the plan to lead to real results. Getting it right means more than simply translating the overall audience defined within the broader communication strategy, in online terms. Since online audiences are far more complexly defined and granularly segmented, a strategist has to redefine the right traits within the general boundary. It is not uncommon to define new categories, as well as different hierarchical layers based on these categories.

This stage is proved essential for fine matching different media with different circles of the targeted audience, varying in their specificity. Furthermore, the clarity gained pays back when a strategist computes the whole picture together and has to control the impact of the messages ran through different media, their impact and their interactions.

Translating offline identity into online recognizable assets

Before crafting any campaign, when working inside the borders of a previously established identity, it is mandatory to keep the balance and unity between the online message and the offline one. Integrating the brand’s story, its key messages, tone of voice, clips and visuals within the online narrative may imply more subtlety and artistry work than someone would guess. As in all translation processes, the royal state of art is achieved when no one could say which piece belongs to the original creator and which one was subsequently derived from the original vision.

Wisely selected filters for Google Display Network and Facebook Ads to reach the right audience


With clarity over online audience segmentation and an online message that adequately mirrors the offline identity, the process of building awareness moves to the next phase. Right filters must be selected for Google Display and Facebook Ads, in order to permeate the envisioned public. 

Using YouTube to make a message into a story, expand audience and cement it


With every medium a strategist ads to broadcast a message comes a new targeting endeavour. Saying that the medium is the message also implies that each pool of users acts in its own individual way, with specific behaviours, preferences and instincts based on the medium design and the user journey it proposes. That’s why correct targeting for YouTube can’t be skipped. 


In addition, and also based on users’ specific behaviours, YouTube may become a significant online garden to cultivate brand recognition. Splitting the TV clip into multiple sequences allows a strategist to create a narrative and expose the same audience to various versions of the same message. Once that someone saw the original long clip, she will be prompted with different, shorter versions, so that the monotone effect of reiteration is overcome, and the effect of multiple exposures is saved.  Beside the priming effect, YouTube campaigns work best for remarketing when the selected audience is split and the sequential storytelling runs through different routes, to different segments.

Exploring the audience for those ready take action

Furthermore, targeting the acquisition intent for a Google Search campaign allows a brand not just to come in front of directly interested eyes, but also to extend its audience and activate it. The best followers are those ready to act, manifesting a buying intention, because they’ll be the most satisfied of all to discover the brand that provides for their immediate needs. Once they make the decision and purchase a product, they’ll provide the brand with the ambassadors and reviewers it needs to establish its online capital of trust and recognition. 

Retargeting for successful seduction

There are always early sporadic birds that touched the online nest of a brand before the company developed an online strategy to keep them engaged. They are explorers, people who found their own path to the provider and who may be reclaimed as followers, this time, in a more thoughtful way. Retargeting online users who previously interacted with company’s website is a significant process in order to add both numbers and stability to an audience. 

Don’t talk to those with no ears for your truth. Excluding inappropriate audience

Getting to the right audience is just as relevant as excluding the inadequate audience. There are several reasons to do that and it comprises a dynamic process. First, there are websites and topics which can bias the perception over a brand. News about house breaking, windows accidents, and other types of misfortune don’t create a positive halo for a provider of windows, while some other websites may just be a mismatch to host the ads. Excluding them takes time and current evaluation. Also, there are cost related motives to exclude a well selected audience.  That saves money which cannot be returned. It’s more efficient to track the best reacting audiences and let go those which perform poorly to your message. 

Measure everything and track performance


No digital strategy, not even a digital service, is completely provided without tracking performance. That means essentially to make the right decision in selecting the best suited tools to follow how each digital components converts into leads. The tracking and analysing process becomes fruitful in insights if the decision was right. That allows dynamic campaign adaptation and wise, real time, real data based alterations to continuously boost efficiency during implementation. 

Results: 30% raise in sales and 138.22% raise in traffic. Awareness and action among a newly shaped digital audience


  • 30% raise in sales
  • 138.22 raise in website traffic
  • 33.8% of leads derived from Google Search campaign
  • 25.9% leads derived from Google Display campaign 
  • 92.34% raise in page views
  • 139.59% raise in sessions 
  • Less than a 0.01euro cost per view on YouTube with a view rate of over 30%
Leads derived from Google Display campaign0
Raise in sales0
Raise in page views0

The company registered a 30% raise in sales during the post-campaign period, compared with the same period of the previous year. The Ad Words campaigns alone were responsible of  59.7% of the generated leads, during the 15 months of promotion. 


A new flux of users flushed the website. The new audience, with 138.22%  larger than the one registered during the previous year, proved a far more intensive engagement. Users interacted with more pages than they used to and the graphic below shows the dynamics at a glance.

The YouTube Campaign secured a rate of 30% view rate for the long version of  the clip, while shorter, 10 seconds, clips had a view rate of 45%. The brand awareness was vigorously built through remarketing, as the sequential storytelling concept was applied.


The entire television clip lasts 30 seconds. Through careful splitting, it was recomposed into a 10 seconds series of clips. The sequential story was further distributed differently, according to viewers’ gender. Women who first saw the whole clip were further exposed to a shorter version, best addressing women’s triggers and interests. Another similar selection was made for men. 

Look what the Barrier CEO said about our solution:

Do not make assumptions about your

Track it through Google Analytics.

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