Case Study: How we increased conversions by 338% thanks to DKI in google ads for a car service garage



How was the strategy formed

First we did a debriefing of the document filled out by the management of FRK Service. We understood the differentiators from the competition, to whom these services are addressed, how often a customer returns, but also who are their customers, what are their needs, what is their age or interest.

The next step was to extract important data from Google Analytics but also from the Google Ads accounts which were already set by the client.

With this information, we have established that there are two types of customers: 

  1. men between 21 and 34, who are interested mostly in ways to improve car performance
  2. men between 35-54, who are interested in the maintenance of the car, who appreciate customer service but also safety.

At the same time, we noticed that there are very specific searches, which include a multitude of engines, cars or model codes, which is why we included in our strategy DKI ads, to generate quality traffic at low costs.

Were strategic decisions made based on your experience and expertise, competitive research, etc.?

Once we understood there is a large number of searches that include model codes mentioned above, we decided to create DKI ads, in order to have a higher CTR and a smaller bid. The information taken from Google Ads and Google Analytics had a very important role in making this decision.DKI ads reach more specific and longer searches, meaning they bring a lot of relevant traffic at low cost.

What project(s) were launched as part of the strategy?

Being limited by budget at the beginning, when we enabled the campaign, this strategy brought the best results, at the lowest costs.

Subsequently, we implemented campaigns in other platforms, GDN campaigns, video and remarketing campaigns, which had very good conversion rates. 

When there are specific searches, which also contain product codes, there should always be DKI ads in each Google campaign.

What was the most successful project?

We think it is very important to understand how a potential customer would look for the promoted service or product, so that you can have an ad as relevant as possible. This is why DKI ads were most successful for this account.

Were there any unexpected issues that you overcame?

The main challenge was to start the campaign with a small budget and find the best strategy for the business to grow. We managed to do this, through the introduction of DKI in ads, but also through internal audits, made periodically by the whole PPC team.

Did you refine the strategy to improve results?

We are always working to improve results, both through optimizations and internal audits, where the entire PPC team checks the account and makes a list of proposals to improve both the promotional platforms and the client’s website. We also think about adding new components in existing campaigns or other platforms, but everything is done gradually, depending on the results and the client’s budget.

How did you and the client work together?

The car of Today’s Agency CEO, a BMW X1, needed repairs and you guessed it, FRK Service repaired it.

When Marius Lazarescu, the CEO of Today’s, was called by FRK Service he said, I quote “I don’t know what you are doing, but since the last audit your agency did, my service is full of customers”.

The client has full confidence in our strategy and services, which is why we are expanding to other platforms.

Was there a lot of collaboration or was the client more hands-off?

(Many prospective clients are curious about what their level of involvement in your process would look like.)

At the beginning of each collaboration, we have many online meetings, where we ask the customers many questions to find out who their customers are, what habits they have, what places they frequent, how do they look for the product / service we want to promote, what are the differentiators, what things displease the customers of his competitors, etc. 

There is a lot of collaboration at the beginning but with time we just have regular meetings with our clients. It all depends on what our client wants.

What did you learn during the engagement?

During this engagement we have learned that it is good to have regular discussions with customers, in order to receive all the necessary information from the business and put it into ads.

Any takeaways?

After many optimizations, we managed to generate a large number of conversions at a very good CPA, and now the campaigns have an automatic bidding method, which led to an accelerated increase in conversions. This can be seen in the increased CTR by almost 18%, of the search campaign, but also in the evolution of registered conversions.

In just 3 months the number of conversions quadrupled.

Do not make assumptions about your

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