Case Study: How we increased sales and decreased CPA from 21,52 £ per purchase to 4.12 £ in Facebook ads



The first step we take when a new client comes to our agency is give him a document where he can write down more details about his business and what he wants to achieve with our help.

How was the strategy formed?

Afterwards, we have a debriefing of the document with the client to understand which are the differentiators and who are their customers. Then we extract important data from their Google Analytics account, in order to be able to form an adequate strategy for each buyer segment.

Were strategic decisions made based on our experience and expertise, competitive research?

After the debriefing we understand very well to which type of client each category of products from the site is addressed to and which are the competitive differentiators.

This information guides us in writing good ads.

Examples of ads:

Buy Direct From The Manufacturer

Fair Prices And Certified Products With 2 Year Warranty For The Safety And Comfort Of Your Child. See All Products

Happy Children And Happy Parents

Safety And Comfort With Tested And Certified Products At Affordable Prices.

100+ Products In Stock.

What project(s) were launched as part of the strategy?

In a short time, we managed to increase sales. While in February we had 16 conversions, in the first 11 days of March we tracked a number of 41 conversions.

What was the most successful project?

We created a new audience Facebook campaign where we set the budget at the campaign level, CBO, and the results can be seen in the two printscreens.

Adset level budget

Campaign level budget

In the first image, you can see that we have a CPA of 21,52 £ and in the second image, the CPA is 4.12 £, without making any other changes in the campaign.

A campaign with CBO should have 3-4 ad sets with different audiences. The more different the audiences used, the better.

From our experience, we say that if we have a higher number of active ads in a CBO campaign, the campaign might not deliver great results and we will have a high CPA.

Therefore, if we want to test other audiences, we pause what has low results and create other new ads with new audiences.

Were there any unexpected issues that we overcame?

We do not have challenges, instead we have objectives, such as the desire to optimize and find the best options for ads or audiences, so as to generate as many conversions as possible in the established budget. In Facebook Ads you always have to try new things and test, test and test again, to get the desired results.

Did we refine the strategy to improve results?

We are always working to improve results. At the moment, the improvements are made at the audience and ad level. When the budget will be raised we will test new opportunities.

How did you and the client work together?

The client understood how important it is to have good communication, so that we can each do our job as well as possible. JujuBaby is a customer open to new advertising methods, which is why we are now working on a Google Shopping Ad campaign.

Was there a lot of collaboration or was the client more hands-off?

At the beginning of each collaboration, we have many online meetings, where we inform them of the status of the campaigns and if we have questions about products or customers, we immediately receive the necessary answers.

Once the campaigns stabilize and we are on the right track, the online meetings take place monthly or whenever the client wants, otherwise the communication is done by email.

What did we learn during the engagement?

We know how effective it is to have regular meetings with our clients, in order to write down all the necessary information about their business and put it into ads but also to link a relationship between our account manager and our clients.

Any takeaways?

After many tests and optimizations, we managed to reduce the CPA by 5 times and increase the number of sales. 

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