Case Study: Creation of a dedicated landing page within a marketing campaign increased conversion rate by 3.2x at a cost that was 2.5x lower per on boarded new patient.





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Dental Aria

Are you wondering what impact can the use of a dedicated landing page have on a marketing campaign versus the use of the original website? A very big one: a conversion rate of 3.2x higher and the cost of generating a prospectus is 2.5x lower.

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Online marketing campaigns for dental practices located in Bucharest, especially for implantology, are a big challenge because competition is aggressive and CPC for keywords can be 2-2.5x higher than other related niches).


Our objective was to double the number of potential customers attracted by our marketing campaign and lower the costs of generating those prospects without increasing our client’s monthly average budget (which, in this case was to be spent on Google Ads).


  • Focusing our online marketing campaigns to promote a niche: implantology.
  • Campaigns: Google Ads Search and Remarketing Google Ads
  • Creating a dedicated landing page for implantology

Items targeted in the DentalAria landing page:

  • Visible contact form in the first-page scroll
  • Strong headline
  • CTA in the first-page scroll
  • Benefits section
  • Text targeted a specific level of audience knowledge
  • Testimonials (social proof)
  • Highlighting the price offer and creating a sense of urgency
  • Use of photo and video content
  • Use of before / after images
  • Give up on the use of the phone number on the page
  • Give up on the use of the menu to encourage users to go through the LP and to orient the users towards the desired action


The conversion rate increased by 225,9% and the cost per conversion decreased by 2.5%.

Google Ads campaign without dedicated landing page: average conversion rate of 1.04%.

Google Ads campaign with the new landing page, created by Today’s Agency: average conversion rate of 3.39%.

Here are the two landing pages used: the old and the new:

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