Case Study: How An Online Medical Supply Store Managed To Use Google’s Dynamic Campaigns To Its Advantage And Get 20 Extra Leads Per Month







About Medident

Medident is an online medical supply store that sells medical products for dentists, from consumables to equipment and furniture for dental clinics.

The Requirement: An Increase in Sales & Growth

Medident’s owners realised that to generate sales and grow the business, they needed to put their online campaigns in the hands of professionals. This led them to approach Today’s Agency.

Approach: Learning the Company Top to Bottom

The first thing we did was a full debriefing of the document written by Medident, from which we understood in detail their products, needs and expectations.


During this phase, we not only learnt about the products they sell, but also the demographics of customers these products addressed and how often are the products bought. We also learnt their competition differentiators, as well as their needs, age, interests.

The next step was to extract important data from the Google Analytics account, to form an appropriate strategy, as the audience was very small.

Our Solution: A Targeted Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaign

With the help of all this information, we understood the ideal client profile and how to build up our strategy: we established that Medident products are very specific and they are strictly addressed to people who have had contact with them. So, we included this in our strategy, a DSA campaign, to generate quality traffic at low costs.

DSA or dynamic search ads show up on Google when someone searches for terms closely related to the titles and frequently used phrases on your website. These types of ads help you find customers searching on Google for exactly what you offer. They are ideal for advertisers with a large inventory and a well-developed website.

Understanding the Ideal Customer Profile

Through this document – in which the business owner and marketing director answered a series of questions related to business – we were able to glean data from Google Analytics, helping us better understand the profile of the ideal client.

This information guided us in writing highly focused ads, but as the budget was very limited and we had a very large list of products and categories to promote. So, we decided to start with just two search campaigns; one brand campaign and one DSA campaign. DSA campaigns offer super-specific searches and bring a lot of relevant traffic at a low cost.

Campaign screenshot

Campaign screenshot

The Results: An 18% Increase In Sales

Even though we were limited by budget at the beginning, the DSA campaign brought the best results, at the lowest costs (about 70% of the average CPA in the account). 


After the initial 6 months, we implemented additional video and Google remarketing dynamic ad campaigns, which achieved very good conversion rates. Along with other managed campaigns on other platforms, this resulted in an 18% increase in sales.

Recommendation: DSA & Brand Projects Enable For All Google Ads Accounts

We believe that DSA and brand protect campaigns should be enabled in all Google Ads accounts. It’s essential to understand the client’s business and to have in mind their budget in order to generate as many sales as possible with the budget provided.

We also noticed that the DSA campaign achieved the best results, so we created more ads in this campaign and began A/B testing. The secret behind these great results is that we created similar, almost identical ads to the ad which had the best results. So, if you look at the ads below, you will see we just changed a word or two or added another word to the sentence.

Honing Results As Progression Was Made

After the initial set of results came in, we continued to hone our approach, adding new components as we progressed. Everything was done gradually, depending on the results achieved. The client was confident in our strategy and the services provided. Step by step, we integrated other specific campaigns that increased the number of sales even more.

At the beginning of our collaboration, we’ve had many online meetings where we report campaign status and answer questions about products or customers. Once we were sure the campaigns were on the right track, online meetings were then conducted monthly or as and when the client wanted them. Otherwise, communication was done by email.

350 Conversions at a Great Cost Per Acquisition

After multiple rounds of optimisation, we managed to generate over 350 conversions at a good CPA. Now the campaigns have an automatic bidding method, which leads to an accelerated increase in conversions.

What did you learn during the engagement?

We learned that it is good to have regular meetings with clients, in order to take over all the necessary information from the business and put it into ads but also get the customer to know and trust the account manager.

Any takeaways?

After many optimizations, we managed to generate a large number of conversions at a good CPA. Now the campaigns have an automatic bidding method, which leads to an accelerated increase in conversions.

DSA campaign performance

Full account performance

First year account overview…/p>

Second year account overview…

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