Case Study:How We Increased Display Ad Conversions by over 41% For REHAU




Conversion rate


With a history of over 25 years on the local market, REHAU is present in Romania with solutions dedicated to windows, furniture and installations.

The Requirement

The strategy was based on getting as much exposure as possible on Google and Facebook and attracting relevant traffic. Users entered the conversion funnel, asked for a personalised offer and Rehau representatives contacted them from afar.


Being a premium product, an important factor in getting the best results was the quality of traffic. More affordable products, quick installation kits for underfloor heating systems, have appeared on the market in recent years, allowing a wider range of users to access this type of product.

In lead generation campaigns, the main objective is to get as many requests as possible from interested users.

We went to a much greater extent on intent campaigns, but also Facebook or Google Display campaigns.

But Rehau systems cannot be put in small areas or at low prices. So, we had to filter traffic through tailored text in the ads, tailored content on the website and restricting users in the offer request form. Thus, they cannot ask for an offer if they have a surface less than 50 sqm (minimum requirement to ask for an offer).

A plus, the REHAU brand was known more for PVC profile (windows) and less for underfloor heating, so for many years, we had to make the brand known for this product category as well.

Did you refine the strategy to improve results?

During the period under review, we got the best results from the Search campaign running on mobile, where we got 229 leads.

What did you learn during the engagement?

We have to keep a constant eye on the competition, because we have noticed a big growth in recent years and we have had to keep up with what they are doing and adapt our message or communication channel.


During the period under review, we got the best results from the Search campaign running on mobile, where we got 229 leads.

On Facebook, we got 2219 leads.
Campaigns were set up for cold and warm audiences, as well as remarketing campaigns.
The best performing ad has accumulated 318 leads.

Highlighting a call to action element increased conversion rate by 41.69%

Goal: The client wanted to increase the number of leads generated from the dedicated landing page.

Solution: To make the contact form on the landing page more visible and to encourage its completion, a side widget has been added, visible from the first scroll, containing a call to action button, linking to the form.


The A/B testing method was used to evaluate the performance of the fixed widget.

Thus, during the test period, the conversion rate increased from 2.35% to 2.46%, and in the immediately following period, the conversion rate increased by 41.69% compared to a similar period prior to the widget implementation.

Solid Collaboration Led to Fantastic Results

Communication between ourselves and the client was clear and ongoing, helping us to work very well together.Throughout, the client was very receptive to any proposal from us and trusted us, contributing to the final results.

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