Bing Ads

The average CPC on Bing can be up to 70% lower than Google.

Who doesn't like more leads and sales at a lower price?

Bing Ads gives you access to 63 million search users you can't reach through its main competitor.

You are losing customers right now by not running your ads here.

Why you need our Bing Advertising Service

There is a giant search engine that we all know without having to name it. However, the reality is that only 86.6% of all the users are doing their online searches there.

If you can't address your ads to all users together, why limit your advertising efforts to a single search engine?
Microsoft Bing has a user base that you should not overlook.

With our Bing Advertising service, besides Bing, your ads will also be displayed on Yahoo and other Microsoft Network partners. All of these receive almost 400 million searches a day combined.

These are the key success factors of our Bing Ads service:

  • Industry & competition analysis
  • Ad structure and setup
  • Keyword research
  • Ad text creation
  • Conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Bid and budget optimization
  • Monitoring & A/B testing
  • PPC cost management
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Detailed monthly reports
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We have learned that success is not accidental, and we also applied the philosophy of “continuous improvement” to over 480 PPC projects we have dealt with.

We apply our winning processes and checklists on each Bing Ads project in all its stages: setting, launching, optimizing, and reporting. This way, we minimize human error, and we efficientize the time and the budget spent, so overall, we offer better results.

Why should you consider advertising on Bing?

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Display ads through multiple networks.

Advertising on Bing means advertising on all Microsoft Network partners. You can take advantage of the less competitive market on Bing and display your ads on Yahoo, AOL, Cortana, Siri, Spotlight, and more.

Lower CPC.

If you have a tight budget, it will be more advantageous to advertise on Bing. The CPC here is much cheaper than its giant competitor, meaning that you can achieve more clicks, higher traffic, and increased conversions without spending a fortune.

Better video and image search.

The image search on Bing offers higher quality images on the result page and has a great filter feature. In addition, users can look for diverse image layouts by their format (tall, wide, large). Moreover, Bing has a better search result interface for its video searching audience, giving a large grid of videos by direct play without redirecting it.

Less competition.

This one is pretty obvious. People will reach most of your competitors by Googling them. That makes Bing a place with less competition for your business and lower prices for bedding desired keywords.

Diverse campaign options.

Bing Ads allow a business to set different time zones for various campaigns, making it easier to schedule the ads. More than that, unlike its main competitor, Bing lets you edit your campaigns easier at the ad group level, reducing the management time involved in building a campaign from scratch.

Demographic targeting.

Bing lets you control the target audience's demographics for the search network at both ad group and campaign levels. You can also manage and change the bids according to the demographic factors of gender and age.

Take a look at our case studies from the past Bing Ads campaigns to get a first-hand view of all we do.

A small change to the website increased conversion rate by 133%
How we increased conversions by 338% thanks to DKI in Google Ads for a car service garage
How we helped Colorful HR increase unique visitors on website by 223% and double the number of conversions
We believe in successful partnerships.

The latest reviews about our work.

Adrian Oancea 6
Admirable, concise, challenging, innovating, friendly, responsible – these are the words that best describe Today’s. It is a style that impressed me the moment I met Mr. Lazarescu and this impression
Adrian Oancea 5
Admirable, concise, challenging, innovating, friendly, responsible – these are the words that best describe Today’s. It is a style that impressed me the moment I met Mr. Lazarescu and this impression
Adrian Oancea 4
Admirable, concise, challenging, innovating, friendly, responsible – these are the words that best describe Today’s. It is a style that impressed me the moment I met Mr. Lazarescu and this impression

Leaving aside the lower CPC of Bing ads, you also have a higher engagement with sites and post-click landing pages than Google Ads. In addition, because the competition is more down on Bing, it's easier to get the traffic you need at a low cost, resulting in better ROI.

At least once a month, we schedule a meeting with you, and we report the results and discuss the campaign’s status. But, of course, if you need immediate assistance, you can always schedule an appointment with one of our specialists on the same day.

We have standard operating procedures that have been verified and vetted, easy-to-follow checklists, and cross-checking verification between our specialists to make sure we deliver exactly what we agreed and what you expect. We will start a campaign only after you have verified and approved it, and we set up the KPIs and the conversion tracking codes.

We have an internal audit process with our experts to find solutions for problems that arise. Also, when we set up a campaign, we propose a tactical plan. Each month we come up with insights and actions we recommend implementing. So, every six months, we create a strategic plan to optimize the campaign budget and conversions on all your paid traffic channels.

Once we understand the type of campaign you need and your specific goals, then we can create a strategic plan with the timelines, processes, and budget for you to decide.

Consulting, setup, management, or performance-based relationships all have different expectations. For example, setup can be a one-time project, and performance could be a longer-term partnership.

If we set bigger goals with you, then you’ll see the contract length reflect that.

Well, we try to tailor our solutions for most of the companies that need our help. However, from our experience, you're not a right fit for us if: 1) you micromanage and like to do changes in the campaigns on your own, 2) we can't set KPIs for your campaigns, 3) you don't have a budget of at least $1000/month, or 4) you can not commit for at least of 3 months, so we can do the optimization and bring the desired results.

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Bing Ads can bring you impressive results if you build the right campaigns.

Let us help you achieve success on Bing—the highly potential yet untapped search engine.

With only one Bing Ad,
you can reach up to 162 million unique searchers that use Microsoft and Yahoo sites.

Is this an audience you're willing to ignore?

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