How To Use PPC Ad extensions to improve your sales

How To Use PPC Ad extensions

If used correctly, PPC Ad extensions on Google Ads can increase your ads’ click-through rate and conversions. By offering your customers additional information, you persuade them to visit your website and make a purchase.

Read more to find out what ad extensions are, when you should use them in your PPC campaign, and how you can maximize their potential.

1. What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are simply expansions on your PPC ad, giving your customers more information about your company, your products, and what you offer. They help maximize the performance of your text ads and give them greater visibility, hence; making your ads more valuable.

Google Ad that uses multiple ad extensions

By providing more interactive methods of contacting your customers, they will be more likely to click on your ad.

2. Benefits of ad extensions

The benefits of using ad extensions cannot be overemphasized. Not using them is to your disadvantage. For instance, consider what could go wrong if you don’t have the opportunity to put in all the information your prospects need to make the click.

Ads headlines don’t afford you the opportunity for many words. Thankfully, you can put in the additional information through the ads extensions.

PPC Ads extensions also improve your CTR. Say you run a local grocery store and have added your address through the ads extension; this speeds up your click rate as the prospect isn’t only familiar with the location but also interested in what you offer.

Here are outlined the benefits of using ad extensions for your Google ads:

  1. Add additional information – Ad extensions let you offer other information you might miss mentioning in your ad messaging.
  2. Improve your ad rank – Adding ad extensions affects your quality score as both your CTR and ad relevance eventually improves the ad rank.
  3. Make your ad more authentic – With your business details such as the phone no. or the business location mentioned in the ad copy, the user has no doubt left on the authenticity of the business.
  4. Improves CTR – As your ad offers more information, a user is likelier to click it. For instance, showing location extension to a user looking for a store to visit results in immediate action.

When you are also interested in making your ads more authentic, use the ads extensions.

2.1 Case Study: Accor Hotels increased conversions by 14% with ad extensions

Accor Hotels was founded in 1967 and currently operates 3600 hotels in 92 countries. Like any other business, Accor Hotels was interested in boosting its market awareness and generating revenue through digital marketing. So they implemented Ad Extensions to reach customers with the right messages at the right time and stand out in the competitive online hotel landscape.

According to Think With Google, Accor Hotels increase incremental conversions by 14% after implementing the Google Ads extension. Also grew click-through rate by 19%. Other successes include increased CTR by 4% using Call Extensions, and increased CTR by 9% using local Extensions, among many others.

3. Types of ad extensions you can use

Many ad extensions can be used depending on what you are looking for.

Since ad extensions are used to enhance your campaign, selecting all of the extensions in line with your advertising goals would be good.

For example, if you want to increase conversions on your site, you could include extensions such as Sitelink, Pricelink, or Callout.

These are all formatted to bring users to your website and showcase your products or services through attractive phrases.

If you offer any special services or deals, these extensions are also formatted to showcase those as well.

3. 1. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink Extensions are additional links that you can add to your search ad. These allow searchers to see all your offerings upfront, so their click is more relevant to their needs.

The unique advantage of sitelink extensions comes to brands and companies with top-sellers and go-to-products/services customers are buying. That’s because the site links can complement the product and help the buyers to direct them to that page for higher conversions.

Sitelinks extensions tips and tricks:

  1. Shoot for a title of 25 characters or less.
  2. The desktop ad allows up to 6 Sitelinks, while mobile allows up to 4.
  3. Great for branded campaigns to overview the full suite of services.
  4. Be concise with your description. Make one selling point and move on.
  5. Create mobile-optimized site links to maximize your mobile ad performance!

3.2 Callout extensions

Callout extensions are similar to Sitelink extensions, without clickable links. They allow you to provide additional detail and relevance to your ad while maintaining a laser-focused call to action.


Callout extensions tips and tricks:

  1. Provide additional selling points to set yourself apart from the competition
  2. Use attributes that set you apart like “Free Shipping,” “Free Returns,” “x day trial,” “Money Back Guarantee,” and seasonal offerings.
  3. You can decide which callouts appear for different search terms.

3.3. Location Extensions

The Location extensions are great for brick-and-mortar businesses as they show your storefront address and hours of operation in your search ad. Also, they are available in Google and Bing. Google requires that a Google My Business account be set up and connected to Google Ads.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Location Extensions are not necessarily for brick-and-mortar businesses only. Combine a location extension with a callout extension to advertise “in-store returns” or “free in-store fittings.”
  2. Location Extensions are most powerful with geotargeting around your store’s location. For example, validate your “Buy Local XYZ” ad with a location extension proving your proximity.

3.4. Call Extensions

Call extensions give advertisers two possibilities. On mobile devices, call extensions supplement ads with the ability to click to call, giving mobile searchers an easy way to call the business.

On the desktop, visitors may copy the number and call the shop, but it will also give them confidence as the shop is accurate and has a support number in case things go south. Also, If a person calls your number from your search ad but does not click, you will only be charged for an impression.

Remember those call extensions are now part of Google Ads’ dynamic ad extension options. If calls are of no use to your business, you may opt-out of this feature.

Call extension tips and tricks:

  1. Choose the suitable keyword match types that suggest that the user is ready to take the leap and convert over the phone.
  2. Set up an Ad Schedule Bid Adjustment to ensure your staff is around to take the call.
  3. Use call extensions on the desktop to get calls for free.
  4. If you want to show an ad that ONLY features a click-to-call CTA, create a Call-Only Campaign, a subset of Mobile-Only Campaigns.
  5. Turn call reporting on and create a custom conversion to keep track of all the calls coming in.

3.5. Price extension

This ad extension showcases your products and services directly on the ad with transparent pricing.

As you can see in the ad screenshot above, this seller uses a price extension to let potential buyers know how much a copy of Windows 10 for private use will cost. Also, they added multiple versions of the product and added the prices right in the ad.

If someone who sees this ad considers these fair prices, that extension could transform the potential buyer into a client.

3.6. App Extensions

App extension works great for businesses looking to promote application downloads and engagement. You can target different OSes, so for Android, you will direct users to Google Play while on iOS to the App store.

App extension Tips and tricks :

  1. Be sure to set up iOS and Android App conversion tracking.
  2. Create a remarketing list of mobile site visitors to remarket your app on both the Search and Display networks using Display Remarketing and Remarketing Lists for Search

3.7. Seller Ratings

Seller Rating ad extension pulls automatically trusted website reviews. Google will show these ratings when a business has had at least 30, 4 plus star reviews over 12 months.

This extension also takes into account the overall business process. Businesses that successfully roll out rating and review extensions create processes whereby they ask customers for feedback regularly.

3.8 Promotion extension

Promotion Extensions advertise coupons, deals, and sales offerings. They’re usually paired with a price tag icon, which helps your ad take up more real estate and stand out above your competitors.

Promotions extension tips and tricks:

  1. Google Ads has many pre-selected promotions that go on all year, including Mother’s Day, Christmas, Labor Day, and Cyber Monday.
  2. You may select one of four promotion options: Monetary Discount ($15 off every purchase!), Percent Discount (20% off today!), Up to monetary discount (Up to $15 off!), Up to percent discount (Up to 20% off!)
  3. You can schedule promotion extensions within AdWords for custom holidays and promotions that are unique to you.


Keep in mind that there’s no need to guess what works best. Set up as many relevant extensions as possible as Google chooses the best performing combinations of ad extensions to display.

Today’s agency can help you integrate and optimize all the google ads extensions presented above so you can reach the highest number of possible conversions and constantly improve the ROI of your advertising budget.

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