8 Facebook Retargeting Tactics

Facebook Retargeting Tactics

Want to go beyond batch and blast retargeting of everyone who visits your website?

Here are eight tactics to get more out of your Facebook retargeting campaigns.

1. Retarget Abandoned Checkouts

I will discuss one of the first Facebook retargeting tactics: retargeting abandoned checkouts.

People who start the checkout process but don’t convert are some of your highest-value prospects. Don’t let them get away.

Include a custom audience of people who have triggered the Initiate Checkout event on your website and exclude a custom audience of people who have completed the purchase. This will give you your abandoned checkouts.

Retarget them with a message that pushes them over the line to convert. It could be a standard product ad or a more specific message, such as limited stock remaining or a reduced price offer for a minimal time.

2. Retarget Email Subscribers

Email lists of people who have intentionally given you their details—whether from blog subscribers, content downloads, or enquiries—are high-value prospects.

They’re familiar with your brand and felt your offer was valuable enough to give you their details.

Upload email lists directly to Facebook custom audiences to retarget prospects with an offer that takes them to the next stage in their conversion journey.

3. Retarget Video Viewers

You can retarget viewers of any video you post on Facebook, whether part of an ad campaign or just one you’ve posted on your Facebook page. When creating your custom audience, you can also specify how much of the video they need to have watched.

This means you won’t target people who have only watched 3 seconds of your video. Depending on the length of your video, create audiences of people who have watched 25%, 50%, 75%, or 95%. This shows a much higher level of intent.

4. Retarget Past Customers

Promoting a new product to past purchasers is an easy win. If you’re promoting something like a recurring event, target people who attended last time.

If you have an eCommerce store, dive into your data to discover combinations of products that people purchase. Find the significant trends, then target people who have bought one product but not the other.

5. Retarget App Event Triggers

If your app revenue relies on people making in-app purchases or upgrades, then retarget based on events they trigger in the app.

You can retarget people who have triggered a specific event in your app on your website.

You just need to have the SDK correctly set up. If everything is in place, retarget people who haven’t made the upgrade yet with special offers or time-sensitive deals.

6. Use Dynamic Product Ad Retargeting

Utilize Facebook’s dynamic product ads for your eCommerce retargeting.

You can retarget people based on the exact product they visited on your website, and your ads will stay up-to-date with the latest product information, image, and prices based on your product feed.

It’s the easiest way to stay top of mind for shoppers who expressed interest in your products but didn’t buy them.

7. Retarget Through Facebook Messenger

Once you’ve got someone to opt-in to a Facebook Messenger chat with your brand, you can message them again as much as you want until they opt out.

Set up a chatbot and use Facebook Messenger as another distribution channel for your content and sales support. Retarget your most engaged users by upselling other content offers and products that may be relevant.

8. Retarget Throughout A Multi-Stage Funnel

Create a multi-stage customer journey to attract, engage and convert your customers. This will require multiple layered custom audiences, excluding those later in the journey.

For example, a SaaS company could create a journey that initially retargets everyone who visits their blog with a message to download their eBook.

Then retargets everyone who downloads the eBook with a video ad about their product. Finally, retargets everyone who watches 75% of the video with a message to get a system demo.

To execute this, you would need the following custom audiences:

  • Website Blog Visitors (populated with everyone who visits the blog pages)
  • eBook Downloads (populated with everyone who has downloaded the eBook)
  • Video Viewers (populated with everyone who has viewed 75% of the product video ad)
  • Demo Requests (populated with everyone who has requested a demo)
  • Customers (populated with everyone who is a customer of the system).

The layered audience structure would look as follows:

Funnel Stage Audience Selection Campaign Goal
Awareness Include: Interest, Behavioral or Lookalike prospecting audiences

Exclude: Website Blog Visitors, eBook Downloads, Video Viewers, Demo Requests, Customers

Drive relevant traffic to the blog using a Traffic Campaign
Interest Include: Website Blog Visitors

Exclude: eBook Downloads, Video Viewers, Demo Requests, Customers

Retarget blog visitors to download an eBook in exchange for their contact information with a Website Conversion Campaign
Consideration Include: eBook Downloads

Exclude: Video Viewers 75%, Demo Requests, Customers

Retarget eBook downloaders with a product video using a Video View Campaign
Conversion Include: Video Viewers 75%

Exclude: Demo Requests, Customers

Retarget anyone who viewed 75% of the product video with a call to action to get a demo with a Website Conversion Campaign

This is just an example of a customer journey flow. The offers and campaign objectives could change based on your campaign goals. But the general flow of including and excluding audiences will be the same.

Final Thoughts on Facebook Retargeting Tactics

Facebook Retargeting is one of the easiest ways to reach out to engaged audiences that already know your brand and have shown a degree of intent.

I hope these eight Facebook retargeting tactics will help you get more creative with your Facebook advertising campaigns.

While no one likes to be followed around the Internet for the rest of their lives once they’ve visited a website, taking innovative measures and building targeted campaigns will ensure you’re not one of the brands doing this.

On the contrary, you’ll be one of the brands that customers enjoy being retargeted by. Moreover, you’ll ensure you’re not leaving any potential revenue untapped.

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